Comodo Internet Security 5.3.174622.1216 Released! - Updated to 5.3.176757.1236

Great work on adding the ipv6 support!!!

One question though, the windows defender service has been disabled on my system (As per change log) and won’t re-enable on my system.

Is there a way to turn it on again as I sometimes use some of the features?

It’s turned off for a reason, seriously don’t do it.
Use Malwarebytes instead, defender is like MSE, an antivirus and having two at the same time might cause some incompatibilities.

If you still want it back, just enter services.msc in Start>Run, find it there and reenable, although it is NOT recommended…

Well done Melih and the Development team. Cis is getting stronger with more usability with every new version!.

Once again, a massive thank you for all the hard work, and i am looking forward to Dacs going realtime, kick ■■■ time that is.


I can’t install new CIS… :frowning:

Process is hang up. I waiting few minutes and nothing happens.

Of course, first I uninstalled previous version.


I must install English version and now everything is ok :wink:

Polish installation is broken?

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I have comodo CIS 2011 Complete. (version 5.0.162636.1135).

can I use it to upgrade to the latest version also?
my instalation or update this automatically soon?
I ask because when I click on update then he shows me a mine is the latest version.

Next week bro thru internal update :wink:

Thank You, guys, for all your hard work! :-TU

Happy New Year! :■■■■


No please dont. You will receive the updates instead. We will issue the updates to the paid versions first.

thanks guys for this new update, keep up the good work :-TU

Thanks comodo team

downloading now of course.

We have put the links and updated the post. I still recommend you to wait for the updates but you can reinstall using one of the links above.

First in my language, german, then my bad broken english. :slight_smile: 88)

Tausend Danke an das Comodo Team und Melih für dieses gelungene Neujahrs-Geschenk, ihr seid spitze ! :-TU (:CLP) :ilovecomodo:

Thanks you very much, Comodo team and Melih, for this great new-year gift surprise, you are on the top. :-TU :■■■■ :BNC (:CLP) (CLY)

i was looking for ThreatCast and Installation mode :a0


just installed the new version and it works fine. Thanks. But deleting “trusted” vendors from the Trusted Vendors List is now very, very slow. And this is very, very annoying. (Same bug detected in Beta version of Comodo Cleaning Essentials).

I have a problem with the new version

there is only exit button no maximize nor minimize

Is it normal or what?

In the first post you should also kindly explain (in brackets) what are the differences among the 4 versions posted :-TU

I’m not sure if it’s normal or not, but on the right bottom side you can drag the Window larger and smaller…

It’s your installation though , it’s working fine here on my end.

Is it possible from that link to install only firewall?

Just use Premium and during install untick “Antivirus and Geekbuddy”.