Comodo Internet Security 5.3.174622.1216 Released! - Updated to 5.3.176757.1236

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Not sure if this be the correct place for this info, but here goes…

Comodo Internet Security 5.3.43550.1216 Final is posted on MajorGeeks (29 December).

However, there isn’t a mention of it on the board here… This isn’t the first time I have found this to be the case. Any info as to what’s going on here ??? It points to the CIS Premium Installer !? Is MG getting their wires crossed up here, er ??? 88)

Thanks for the update. A couple of questions.

  1. Are the rules for ICMPv6 working correctly, as they don’t appear to show either the type or code, in either the rule creation process or the event logs?

  2. When creating an ICMPv6 rule there doesn’t appear to be any support for ICMPv6 specific types and codes in the dropdown box?


Nope No Wires crossed, They updated their website according to the public release of CIS 5.3

It displays on their website; Date: 2010-12-29

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For Me ICMPv6 is working correctly;

Attached Image Shows where you can select to use a v6 address;

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would any of the mods like to elaborate on how this feature works?

“FIXED! AV does not validate/“check” the revocation/“Recall” status of the certificates in signed binaries”

As in, it checks whether or not the Cert for that signed file is still valid or not;


Thanks for the reply, unfortunately, I was asking specifically about ICMPv6 Types and Codes. Take, For example Neighbor Advertisement/Neighbor Solicitation which use ICMPv6 type 135 Code 0 for messages, sent either via unicast or multicast (In my case the multicast address of FE02::1…)

As can be seen from the log entry, there is no mention of the ICMPv6 Type, I only know this is Neighbor Solicitation from the addresss type.

With regard to creating specific ICMPv6 rules, in the drop-down for ICMP there exists only the standard ICMPv4 codes, apart from the custom option.

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Thanks, download now.

updating on my work pc, works awesome so far! :-TU

Thanks for the gift. Happy New Year!

Hi Radaghast,

This is the first release with IPv6 support and their a number of things that aren’t fully featured as with v4 at the moment, e.g.

  • No IPv6 “automatic network detection”
  • No IPv6 support for zones on stealth ports wizard
  • No granularity for ICMPv6 at the moment as you already noticed

I’m sure the team is working on adding all features for v6 as there are for v4 also,
I guess we just have to wait for the next release to see them turn up.

Thanks Ronny, I just wanted to be sure I hadn’t missed something.

Hi yes I was talking about the bases.cav. When i did a second fresh install I made sure i looked at the sigs size as it was d/l…it did say size 78.8…that took it to about 50% of completion then it d/l some more sigs and installed and finalized…taking tha actual bases.cav to 124 mb…BUT if everybody else is about the same then no problem i guess :slight_smile:
Thanks for the update and new 5.3 :slight_smile:

Hi Guys from Comodo Team,

i have installed the new Version and it works great, so far !!! Many thx for this incredible new year gift and continue this very very good work! Thx!!!

Btw: One question to comodo guys: Its is planed or perhaps already implemented a feature like avast! Intelligent Scanner to reduce the number of required file scans through a white list of proven safe applications. Files identified as safe are not rescanned unless they change?

Thats the only thing i miss, thanks again for this incredible fantastic tool. Happy new year!
Pls sorry for my bad english but i think it is readable :wink:

Greetings from Nuremberg Germany

As posted before the initial bases.cav is highly compressed to 78MB after download it get’s extracted, after that the other missing incrementals are merged creating a ~ 127MB on disk size.

This is done to service those with smaller bandwidth or those how have to pay for traffic. Not to save diskspace.

Ahhh ok I get it now :slight_smile: sorry for being slow LOL
It’s working well here so far

I think your talking about “Stateful” inspection setting (default) of the AV engine.

Stateful - Not only is Comodo Internet Security one of the most thorough and effective AV solutions available, it is also very fast. CIS employs a feature called Stateful File Inspection ™ for real time virus scanning to minimize the effects of on-access scanning on the system performance. Selecting the ‘Stateful’ option means CIS scans only files that have not been scanned since the last virus update - greatly improving the speed, relevancy and effectiveness of the scanning.

Better slow then sorry :wink:
No problem and glad everything is running smooth.

More detailed explanation needed. In response for lack of free virtual memory (2GB+) in infected cis process? Or what the case to fill 2GB+ virtual space 32/64bit OSes?