COMODO Internet Security 5.0.159634.1091 RC Released!

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 5.0.159634.1091 RC!

What is new in this release?

FIXED! Antivirus scanning freezes in some computers during full scan
FIXED! cmdagent.exe crashes in some systems
FIXED! cmdagent.exe consumes too much CPU while application launching
FIXED! Sandbox shows alerts for non-existing applications
FIXED! D+ does not show execution alerts for commandline arguments
FIXED! Some applications do NOT work even if they are added to Exclusions list of Shellcode Injections e.g. Daemon Tools or licensing software.
FIXED! CIS consumes 100% CPU when the computer first starts and a new zone is detected
FIXED! CIS Firewall alerts unnecessarily for manually sandboxed safe processes
FIXED! IE8 can execute processes outside the sandbox when UAC is disabled
FIXED! CIS causes Pinnacle Studio 14 to crash
FIXED! CIS does not protect ProxyServer registry key
FIXED! CIS crashes during drag&drop of firewall rules
FIXED! CIS shows incorrect icons in firewall rules

The most important fix in this release is performance degredation fixes caused by antivirus scanning. It should now be observable in realtime. For example, while tagging MP3 files or doing something that requires file system traversal.

WARNING: CIS does not work properly in VirtualBox because of the limitations imposed by this virtual machine(Vectored Exceptions fail). So please test it with another VM software.

Bug Reports:

Please use the following thread for reporting the bugs you might find:

Download Locations:

32 Bit Operating Systems:

Size: 48M ( 50059720 )
MD5: 038236f0f5f0adff513bfd3d64289f35
SHA1: 39f0b63f540cebf510b4b5b2172341ce4e0f5729

64 Bit Operating Systems:

Size: 50M ( 51837384 )
MD5: 7fe6cef452d2c1fa9e0f817b77c7f4b3
SHA1: 60d05c1e5066c4f35eafa7a022c72ab8fcd75531

Great work guys!

I’m going to update it right now.

good job everyone, I really like how this new release is going.

I can feel it, it really is much lighter now. Almost like there is nothing there at all. I’m happy, now onto testing. O0

That’s the first thing I noticed running this version, it doesn’t feel like it’s still on the parking brake :wink: Speed browsing disk seems back to normal here :smiley:

Let’s see what else there is to find :comodorocks:

Great to have this new version Egemen.

Thanks very much for the more specific list of fixes.

Best wishes



“The most important fix in this release is performance degredation fixes caused by antivirus scanning. It should now be observable in realtime. For example, while tagging MP3 files or doing something that requires file system traversal.”

Great to hear system performance is being tweaked. :-TU Other than too many popups for clean programs, this is my only other grip with CIS. I look forward to testing.

Daemon Tools now working! :-TU

Thanks to languy’s post on other thread i paid attention it was an RC. I am really glad we have such a good progress in Beta, but i am a little afraid it’s too fast and Comodo rushing again to release their product.

The first Beta was released in July 30th (less than a month ago) and we already have an RC. I am not a developer but I followed betas of other products, like Avast with their version 5 (i think Tech and Rejzor can be more precise, telling how long lasted beta for Avast 5) and others. I would be very glad if it released soon, because i am desperately waiting for it.

Only make it right this way, please, don’t rush. Release a finished product with 0 bugs and you’ll prove to all Comodo’s evil-wishers what this product is worth of!!! 8)

A product with 0 bugs does not exist. Trying for 0 bugs simply means no new versions will be released for a very long period.c;)

That being said extensive testing before a release is a important.

Ok, you’re right! 88) Release a product with minimum bugs that will have a minor effect on the functionality of the product :ilovecomodo:

Very fast initial database update and first scan completed in 30 minutes.

Looking good!

:-TU +1 Adonis.

I was an avast beta tester…they needed several months to reach final release…but…consider that comodo starts from the 4.1 version, that is a solid base for cis 5. I don’t know if comodo staff, talking about scan engine, sandbox, defense + etx…, re-started from scratch. I suppose, since comodo 4.x was quite new, they have improved something already existing and working well…tha avast case was different, they had to build from zero a new scan engine, new behavior blocker, sandbox (for avast pro…).
Lets wait and trust comodo developers…they surely know risks of a premature finel release… :slight_smile:

Please release a polished product.

Thank you

Tested with approx than 50 zero day at default setting and as unique security product on comp (xp sp3 x86) (not only from mdl), i do a scan, quarantine what is founded.

I have a warning message “not all treats quarantined” and the windows is closed, so what were not
quarantined, i don’t known?

(load.exe and update.exe were blocked by CIS…)

So seems good result, great improvement.

Working very nice and smooth.


The final build will be a success.

Alle works fine on Windows 7 x64. Great work!! :BNC (:CLP) :ilovecomodo: