COMODO Internet Security 5.0.158836.1079 Released!

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 5.0.158836.1079 BETA!

What is new in this BETA?

NEW! Heuristic command-line processing of certain applications: Non-PE executables e.g. Scripts,
Java apps, MS installer files, are now handled by Defense+.
NEW! Ability to add a file to trusted files from sandbox notification
NEW! Ability to clear logs reintroduced
FIXED! After initial install, windows hangs in welcome screen
FIXED! Firewall does not filter windows broadband compatible modems
FIXED! BSOD in windows 7 while uninstalling CIS
FIXED! Sandbox alert shows XML code instead of proper dialog
FIXED! AV crashes while doing spyware scanning
FIXED! Isolated application does not appear in unrecongnized files list
FIXED! cfp.exe crashes randomly

There are many other fixes in this version that i havent included here.

Please feel free to let us know about your experiences especially with new heuristics commandline analyzing
features. E.g. If you see an alert like this, dont be surprized: “evil.pdf is trying to connect
the Internet” or “test.dll is trying to access the memory of …”.

Bug Reports:

Please use the following thread for reporting the bugs you might find:

Download Locations:

32 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 48M ( 49807816 )
MD5: ac9f404734e79c7616b0a37177536706
SHA1: 1e20a785f997c54ac34f7c4f12c142def9b48bd9

64 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 50M ( 51553224 )
MD5: 4a0c0afc895566e70d8c37ed087517d5
SHA1: eb4e5f1fabe6f4c3441b067d43f47ff4c67cbaaf

Running it as I type this :smiley:
Thanks for an other round of bugfixes :-TU

great work guys!


Thanks for the new version. :-TU

Downloading now.

+1 Thanks guys. :-TU

Will it be possible to update from 1066?Thanks!

working great guys, nice work. I have tested it against a known file to have a bad faked signature and it is now caught and sandboxed. I have also tested against an rogue msi installer and it is now being caught. Good job.

Do you know what kind of “things” does Comodo check… in the end the signature seems alright isn’t it?
Or does it have some bugs in it and that’s why it is being caught ?

the signature is stolen and windows cannot verify it. So it is not valid but it can fool some AV’s out there. It was stolen from kaspersky labs.

Strange, right? :smiley:
So, I have to uninstall 1066 or will be possible to update?Please!:slight_smile:

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@Melih or egemen: What is the reason why you don’t add protection against some of the Matousec leaktests on x64?
Many other programs score better there (the upcoming Online Armor version will be better too).

Yes. How did you achieve that? congrads.

Can you show me matousec test report on those programs you are mentioning?

Just ran the new installer.:))I tried to install over 1066, but it was not possible.=)

And…yes what?It will be posiible to update? :smiley:

Ability to add a file to trusted files from sandbox notification
nice, that was badly needed
BSOD in windows 7 while uninstalling CIS
I didn't exactly experience that, but an installer error leading to no uninstall, so this should be fixed
Isolated application does not appear in unrecongnized files list
good, I saw that happen too (with the huge pop up about Intel panel)
After initial install, windows hangs in welcome screen
yeah, there was almost a hang first, and no HDD activity anymore, being patient enough was the key, but glad this is fixed.

That means it was a bug on the old version aka Beta 2.

Updates will be available tomrorow guys. Sorry.

Not really.It doesn’t allow to install with a clear message:
Where is the bug?That is not whitelisted by comodo?That’s funny, not a bug. ;D

No probs.1066 works perfect here.:)))

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I couldn’t wait and uninstalled and installed the new Beta.

So far, so good.
Congratulations! :slight_smile:

See this thread: