COMODO Internet Security 5.0.156985.1061 BETA Released

Hello Everyone,

We are excited to announce that COMODO Internet Security 2011 BETA is available for testing.

What’s New in CIS 2011

NEW! Application Whitelisting
CIS 5.x fills the missing links that its predecessors had in this area by providing a usable application white list control.

NEW! Spyware Scanner and improved malware cleaning
CIS 5.x again fulfills the missing features of its predecessors by providing a new spyware scanner which is capable of scanning the windows registry and file system.

Note: We will be releasing the signatures for spyware scanning during the course of BETA testing. So you might not immeidately see this in action. i.e. next monday

NEW! Cloud Based Antivirus Scanning
CIS 5.x has integrated the cloud based computation everywhere. From on-demand scanning to process execution control, it checks if the file is known in the cloud.

NEW! Cloud Based Behavior Analysis
Instant malware analysis has been introduced to CIS 5.x making detection of unknown malware possible! Any unknown file that is sandboxed and NOT observed by COMODO before is submitted to CAMAS and results are sent to the PC in 15 minutes after the upload process is done.

NEW! Game Mode
Now CIS has a game mode. Just before you start to play a game, you can switch to game mode and all the alerts will be suppressed. Virus database updates or schedules scans will also be postponed.

IMPROVED! Default Deny re-engineered to improve application compatibility
Unlike CIS 4.x, CIS 5.x, by default, automatically runs every unknown executable as “Partially Limited”, which is a new level introduced with CIS 5.x.

IMPROVED! A New User Interface!
You will be seeing a lot of suprises with the new user interface. It is friendlier, easier and prettier.

BETA NOTICE: This is a BETA release. It means this release is intended for special users who would like to join testing efforts for the product. It can contain serious bugs and must NOT be used in any production system.

What needs to be tested?
We would like to see the general stability and operation of the product in a wide variety of cases. The effects of cloud computing and new default deny architecture should improve the compatibility of other applications with CIS. Use of variety of applications will help us ■■■■■ the effectivity of the cloud based servers too.

Another important testing area is the installation. Please let us know all the installation problems you face.

Bug Reports

Please use to report any issues.

Download Locations

Because of a critical bug in antivirus engine, we removed the links. We will issue the fixed links on monday or tuesday again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

COMODO thanks all participants for their cooperation and feedback.


excellent work guys!

first responder?
downloading now :wink:

Darn, Melih’s cheating :wink:

10.28PM UK time …I’m up all night I guess ;D

It’s a boy! And he has your eyes!

Thanks guys - congrats to Egemen and the dev team!

sweet video being made right now.

Impressive and laudable !!!

Do I have to uninstall my CIS Complete first?

OOPS just read about only posting bug reports… sorry guys… lol

Nice ;D

Installing now.

Thank you guys,this is awsome i can’t wait to install it :-*

■■■■, it’s 00:41 here and I’m starting to install CIS 5.

Thanks and good job Comodo team. :-TU

Congratulations and Thank You!Already testing>>>

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Sorry… if V4 is not polished (and it’s not) why come up with… V what?
V4.5? V4.6?

Testing O0

Downloading. Good work guys.

OK. You are offically permitted to call this V4.2.

What’s in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell as sweet.

Another important testing area is the installation. Please let us know all the installation problems you face.

Installed CIS 5(2011) beta(full)No problems with the installation.Windows 7 Ultimate x 64.No other security products installed.

edit:forgot to say: I have SP1 official beta installed. :-TU

Sandbox in 4.0 was a pain in the ■■■. Sandbox in 5.0 is pure hell! Youd din’t even whitelist apps I’ve reported a month ago!

:-TU Excellent. Very feature packed release! Can wait to test it throughout the weekend.