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Hi Guys

I am providing information here and screen shots on changes in version 4.1 of CIS - Since moderators have a preview version at this time. Please note information on bug fixes and other improvements are not available until the official release.

  • Removed HopSurf & Ask Toolbar
  • Removed LivePCSupport
  • CIS “Free” is now renamed to CIS “Premium” (Yes, it’s still free!)
  • Firewall Alerts are now enabled by default
  • Elevated Privilege Language Alert has been changed to more user friendly.
  • There is now also a “Sandbox” button in such Alerts. Example, when you launch Comodo Leak Test Suite, you click “Sandbox” button - and by default configuration, you should almost receive a perfect score now.

That’s all the information available at the moment. Full release notes, once released, will be available early next week. See Screen shots.

Current version mods have: 4.1.149077.905


ma cosa cambierà precisamente?sembra non ci siano significativi cambaimenti…e poi,cosa sono

  • Removed HopSurf & Ask Toolbar
  • Removed LivePCSupport

che significa

  • Firewall Alerts are now enabled by default?prima non erano abilitati di default?

Come ti ho già accennato via PM ci sono alcuni cambiamenti, oggi è uscita la nuova versione e questo è il link dove trovi tutte le novità, continueremo a parlarne lì, qui chiudo.