COMODO Internet Security 4 BETA Wishlist

Hi guys,

Please post your wishes here…


For the settings there should be an option to restore to default settings.

That way if the user changes something and blocks an important program, or cuts off their internet access, they can recover from this.

wasnt time machine gonna be an option? i thought i read that somewhere once

You mean to install it with CIS? its not like that, if CTM is installed CIS will display a option to take a snapshot on every alert.

guess i read that wrong…havent been following ctm. in a nutshell, why is that better than win restore point?

CTM can work even when windows Restore cant because of error’s or malware.

But CIS does let you take a windows restore point if CTM isn’t installed.

Can CIS make you switch between Windows restore points?

I only have two quick wishes. I just installed it.

  1. a way to safely store or protect my passwords
  2. a decent integrated anti spam

If I understand your question correctly, then the answer is no.

But it may come, after all its a wish…

I’ll probably install CTM again. Should be fun testing with CIS v4 now.

But I’m a bit in hesitation after it destroyd my machine the last time when I wanted to uninstall

this is for melih and all. my wish for 2+ years with comodo has been a suite that i can install on “granny’s” machine and walk away w/o a lot of frantic phone calls and/or questions and have piece of mind that she is secure…its getting closer and closer…

edit: maybe its not getting closer and closer…did a flush and fill today and left d+ on…what a nightmare…installing all the drivers alone i hit allow probably 200 times…whoa! i finally turned it off til i was done installing everything…didnt care at that point if there was malware or not

I’m scanning my machine right now. An estimated end time of the scan would be great

“Proactive Defense” on Summary screen. (Subscription Information can be moved to More…)

Proactive Defense should show number of applications running in the sandbox (if I click on it, should show a list of applications running in the sandbox).

Great idea

+1 :-TU :-TU
VERY GOOD idea :wink:


it’s a pitty - most didn’t make it into CIS 4 (until now).
So I’d like to request these things again:

First request: Little overlays for the tray icon, to notify me about the current status! I’d like to see with one glance if a component was disabled or is in an unusual state!
Second request: Greatly extent Antivirus options! I’d like to be able to configure in a more detailed way, what threats to detect and how CIS reaction is on different threat categories. [Thank you for being able to use CAV from the command line now with CIS 4.]
Third request: Change the way configurations are managed! I’d like to be able to share rules on a per application basis.

Thank you for now, I’ll start testing, regards

The possibility to install the behavior blocker as a separated part of the AV.
Have this options when I install the sute:
Firewall + HIPS (sandbox)
Behavior blocker

Please, add an option to Disable / Enable the Sanbox Security Level to tray’s icon drop down menu.

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Would be great to have a opportunity to open a browser in Sandbox through context menu

Also add a green border or something in order to differenciate a sanbox process of all other process