COMODO Internet Security 4 and Application Incompatibility Problems Reporting

I get something similar with a soundblaster file, every time I boot. And yep, it is very annoying.

It comes with Intel graphics chipsets. May be you need to let Task Manager show Processes from all users to see it.

Yes it does not exist, you need to remove the Run key HotKeysCmd for hkcmd.exe after exporting the key to stop this happening.

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I was using the newest version that came with the update, not sure which update because it didn’t let me even use my computer! Piece of ((#&_Q!!! I was sooooo happy with comodo for years, now I’m very seriously considering another. What a hassle!

I installed it during a lunch break and it freakin’ sandboxed my EAgames - not one but all of them, at the same time. :o Couldn’t even uninstall them. Locked up the computer and completely disabled my system restore! >:( You touch my system restore - I GO ELSEWHERE. System restore is an end user’s best friend. what a pain! had to do TWO clean installs of Windows 7. :cry: Our computers are top notch, very hefty, high performance. Never have a problem with anything - ANYTHING! Then this new update from 3.14 - 4 just ■■■■■■■ us and brought down production for a day. And now we got fresh computers with no customization!

I can only imagine the frustration a normal person with out any computer skills would experience with an update! ■■■■ poor update, Comodo! ■■■■ poor. As usual, why do developers always turn all the bells and whistles on default? WHY? WHY? WHY? Turn them off and let us choose to turn all the extra ■■■■ on! I didn’t even know what the hell sandbox was until it was tooooo late. Had it been set to off on default and maybe a pop up explaining the new feature and if I want to turn it on, etc etc… but no! I can’t take this chance again, Comodo. I reloaded 3.14 and I’ll come back after 6mon to a year and maybe try to update our network one last time, but if it does this to me again - our long-term love affair is OVER. I’ve sent so many people to you and I always swear to everyone that there are never issues and ■■■■■■ updates like this. Don’t even try to tell me this is an end-user issue, because there is stuff all over the internet about this ■■■■■■ update. And the problems are consistent. Were the few minor additions really worth it?

Usually I wouldn’t make a design comment, but what is with the red? I love change and new design, but this one was terrible. I got some friends who need design jobs in Philly if you need a couple artistic guys.

hello, problem still occurs even with the latest version of the firewall… hoping this will be noted by the devs… thanks…

Using 4.1.150349.920 w/virus db version 5496 . . . .

  1. I have a full screen of false positives on the virus scanner, which have been reported as false positives, yet the only response I get from Comodo is “add them to your exclude list”. I HAVE added them to my exclude list, and they STILL appear as false positives!

  2. Sandbox is becoming very much of a dealbreaker for me. I HAD been considering purchasing CIS, since it was so highly recommended and the free version had initially worked fairly well. However, since installing CIS+, I subscribed to Steam, and EVERY SINGLE FILE under the Steam directory tree is flagged as either potential malware, potential virus, untrusted, and/or is run in the sandbox, no matter how many times I go through my system and tag the files as trusted, false positives, safe, etc. In fact, I have encountered no less than seven times that I have examined the safe file list and had to rebuild it, because CIS+ apparently deletes the safe file list during reboots, virus db updates, and changes in the phase of the moon, for all I know. How am I supposed to run my games when your software sandboxes them so that they won’t run?

  3. Another Sandbox problem. BOINC. As with Steam, I have gone through my BOINC folders, tagged every single file as safe, trusted, false positive, etc., and still the files get caught in virus scans and sandboxed when they’re supposed to be running as screensavers. What gives? Why doesn’t CIS do what you tell us it’s supposed to do?

  4. Firewall. I frequently have to disable the firewall in order to connect to websites, games, and ftp sites that I have been using for going on almost 20 years now. Even following every step, exactly as listed, it is impossible to get a whitelist to take in your firewall. What is the point in having a firewall if you have to disable it to accomplish any work? Even the Microsoft firewall is better than that.

And then there’s Dragon, but I’ve ranted on that in the Dragon forum.

I had such high hopes for the Comodo products, but what I’ve learned from using them is little better than confirmation of what a security expert said years ago: When you make computer security too painful for users, they will run their systems insecurely. I am seriously considering going back to Avast! for my virus scanner and Microsoft’s native firewall for my firewall needs. Not because I consider them better products, but because THEY DON’T INTERFERE WITH MY ABILITY TO USE MY COMPUTER.

When you make computer security too painful for users, they will run their systems insecurely.

Bingo-- this is exactly what makes things like Norton Internet Security remain so popular. It does it’s job (and very well I might add from experience of using it for 4 years) and stays out of your face. You can go in and configure a lot of things if you want but you don’t have to. People are willing to pay for that convenience. Comodo heard the complaints (from users and reviewers) about too many popups from D+ so they added the sandbox to try and ease things. Unfortunately it has added a new level of headaches and frustration on top of what was already there and actually decreased the usability of the suite. I have no idea what the solution is if you’re committed to using HIPS as part of your product. Maybe there is no solution and CIS will never be for the masses.

I have no idea but, even if I set the games’ files as trusted, Comodo won’t let games with Gameguard connect to servers. Windows 7 Pro 32 bits.

Gameguard and CIS have not been friends in the past:

then, they should be… i’ll be going to open up a business of internet cafe with 20 computers and i want to use comodo, but with issues regarding to GameGuard, i might have a second thought… most online games here in our country has nProtect gameguard… i’m hoping that CIS n GameGuard will be friends soon… ^^


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I’ve been struggling to get Starcraft 2 to work and after disabling CIS it worked fine. Since I do not enjoy running my pc without any protection I’m hoping this issue can be worked out.

I also reported this on the Blizzard forums since I have no clue who’s ‘fault’ this is.

I’m running on a Windows 7 64 os

If you need any more info or a log or something just let me know.


1º Before you start the game try to put D+ and the firewall in Training mode, after you complete your game section please put them on the default settings. Only do this the first time that you run the specific game.

2º post Here your game and I hope that they will white list the game.

You have to put CIS in training mode before starting the game, not after. You should only have to do it the first time you play. One other thing I would absolutely recommend though is to disable the sandbox and leave it that way.

Yeah sorry my mistake I wanted to say before.

i read some posts regarding the nProtect GameGuard issues and they were dated since 2008… 2yrs has passed and yet, no fix until now…

i found a software which is not compatible with cis,however it works very well with kaspersky kis2010.let me show u more details about it:
1.i am now using cis version4.1.150349.920
2.the name of the product is called mytrader;the version of the product is 6.5.019-20100805;you can easily get this product by downloading it from its website;the link to download this software is;the problem of this software is that i can not log in to the internet with this software untill i have uninstalled cis on my computer.but it works very well with kaspersky kis2010.

Comodo seems to make the Office 2010 Save As dialog box extremely slow to open and navigate. I only have this in Office 2010. The Save As dialog box in other programs run at normal speed.

Some more details:

  • Windows 7 x64 and Office 2010 x64
  • Comodo Firewall and D+ (no AV): 4.1.150349.920
  • Firewall set to ‘Custom Policy Mode’
  • Defense+ set to ‘Safe Mode’
  • Sandbox disabled
  • All 4 Defense+ settings under ‘Advanced → Defense+ Settings’ are disabled (Trust the applications …, …, Create rules for safe applications)

Steps to repro:

  • Make sure Office 2010 and Comodo are installed
  • Open an Office application (Word of Excel) and open a file
  • Select File → Save As.

Opening and navigating in the dialog box is extremely slow.

When I disable Comodo (exit Comodo), the problem does not occur anymore.

I have confirmed (via multiple install and uninstall) and CIS 4.1.150349.920 (the most current version on the website) makes the most current version of HP MediaSuite DVD not play ANY DVD’s. I even reinstalled the brand new HP laptop to the factory image. Installed the latest HP DVD software and all is well. Install CIS and the DVD software stops working.

I have sandbox turned off. I have ONLY the firewall on.


Thank you everyone for your feedback and cooperation regarding these specific incompatible problems!

CIS version 5.0 (2011) is going to be released in 2 weeks time: Tuesday, 14th September. One feature that is new is that the “Default Deny” protection has now been re-engineered to improve software compatibility with CIS; now in CIS 5, unknown software/applications that are sandboxed are now treated as Partially limited. This gives the same and even more level of protection, with better compatibility with your trusted software.

Once CIS 5 is released, a new thread will be made for CIS 5 application incompatibility problems you may face. Rest assured CIS 5 is a much more improvement though overall over CIS 4.0/4.1.

Thanks again for all your efforts!

On behalf of the moderators (we are not Comodo employees!!),