Comodo Internet Security 4.1xx.920 update

When will the next update take place…? resolve the problems that I’m having with Ubisoft games like Silent Hunter 5? For example, I can’t connect to the Ubisoft online service.

Hi ExecutorC3

I also play SH5, but I’m not aware of any specific problems between CIS 4 and SH5.

Did you add the SH5 installation folder (ie. all files including sub-folders, there are lots of files) and Ubisoft’s Launcher (one EXE and one DLL) to Defense+ My Own Safe Files? Do you have any messages in CIS’ event log with regards to SH5 or the Ubisoft Game Launcher?

it doesn’t resolve the problem i can’t get log-in to Ubisoft of silent Hunter 5 to play the game.

Do I assume CIS’ event logs contain nothing of relevance?

What exactly happens when you start SH5? Do you get any message from the Ubisoft launcher?

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