COMODO Internet Security 4.1x.920 Update problem to run a game on ubisoft server

I am trying to run Silent Hunter 5, and to do that I need to connect to the Ubisoft Master Server to verify my game. When I do, I get a message saying that the service can’t connect to the internet. When I go to the service’s troubleshooting section, it suggests that there might be issues like a proxy server causing trouble. I am running Comodo Internet Security, which has a service/component/something installed in Networking Properties. Would this or anything else relating to Comodo be causing my problems with Ubisoft?

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Allow your SH5 executable to go out on Ubisoft DRM servers.

how doing i do that?

Try and set your game in the Defense+ as an “Installer or Updater” and make sure it outside of sandbox and set your firewall to treat as a “Web Browser”

If that doesn’t work the delete them out of the Defense+ in the Computer Security Policy and the Network Security Policy sometime it get corrupt during Comodo setup and try again.

I don’t why it happening to me when I was playing call of duty modern warfare 2 using online steam

Take a look in Firewall->Advanced->Network Security policy->Application Rules. What rules are listed for your SH5 executable/launcher?

trusted application

Ubisoft Servers… :smiley:
Probability is that at least 90% of problems are on their side… Hell, even on launch day of the game their server crashed… Ubi is not reliable, but make sure that SH5.exe and it’s launcher/updater is allowed too, also don’t stealth ports. Other than that… well, I don’t know, I use ■■■■■ so I don’t need internet… :-TU

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I, for one, value dedication and support and for example, Comodo is such a company and worthy of respect.
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