Comodo Internet Security 4.1 Premium Firewall

I am having a problem with CIS 4.1’s Firewall.

I have set Comodo IS in ‘Proactive Security’ mode and I run Comodo Leak Test in the Sandbox and I get everything ‘Protected’ apart from the Invasion: FileDrop.

Is this normal?

I have tried it in ‘Firewall Security’ and it gets full marks.

Thank You

P.S: I did change the setting in the Sandbox off, ‘Automatically detect installers/updaters and run them out the Sandbox’. I don’t think that would have made a difference though.


When you have tested with Sandbox enabled, than is no problem because the dropped file will be sandboxed from Comodo too.


Could I ask one more question…

Should I keep Comodo on ‘Internet Security’ or put it on ‘Proactive Security’?

Will 'Proactive Security’detect more malware?

I am an above average user and like having pop-ups to tell me exactly what is happening.


My configurations is on Proactive Security mode. I read somewhere on forum that starting with version 4.1 all process are now monitored in both configurations (internet security and proactive security) but I’m not sure.

Internet Security and Proactive security is the same thing only with Proactive you have more Pop ups!!!

I always configure mine this way:
It has always worked for me.

Also, I don’t think the leaktest is entirely compatible with the sandbox. Many people get different results, so I’m not putting too much faith in it right now.

What I have done is downloaded and run many malware applications. Some of them were pretty nasty, but none of it affected my system. All I had was a few dropped files, but these didn’t do any harm.