COMODO Internet Security 4.0.132838.716 RC Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 4.0.132838.716 RC. This is a release candidate. Except sandboxed application notifications, there will not be any new features(We are still working on the notifications).

This is a BETA software and must not be used any other purpose than testing.

What is new in version 4.0.132838.716?

This release fixes many unreported and some of the reported bugs. Here are SOME of them for your reference.

NEW! COMODO Web Installer - We now have a simple installer that can install any of our products on any OSs
FIXED! Obisidium packed applications(e.g. Terracopy) do not work well with CIS4
FIXED! CIS does not remember global hook alerts on x64 operating systems
FIXED! CIS registry virtualization does not handle symbolic links proeprly
FIXED! CIS does not catch rundll32/regsvr/wscript/jscript executions from removebale drives

Download Locations:

[s][/s] (non-beta release available)
Size: 2,756,368 Bytes
MD5: 918fac02d1585ad6701aca2ab98975e4
SHA1: f1860d80194fbaf70484062153dc8b0d181f871b

Bug Reports:

Please feel free to use CIS4 Beta board for further discussion about CIS4. you can use the following thread for reporting bugs:


Edit: Arkangyal

Cool, thanks!

Ha first post!

Love the new installer :smiley: Nice to see the good old hop surf back :slight_smile:

So this is an online installation only now?

Can we get the old and working installer back?

But whether it will be upgraded to final version of the program through the menu? Option that is already included?

Thank you!!

Thanks Guy’s let’s have a look at this downloader…

Installing it right now.

Excellent work guys!

CIS v4 has moved the bar in the security industry!


We need an installer for offline installs!

Please give some comparisons :slight_smile:

+1 :-TU

online installers don’t work good for me with the slow internet connection

Comodo You have did a great job!!!

Did I miss the query about whether I wanted to install Live PC Support or did it just install it on its own? Installing that program should be optional.

If it did ask and I missed it then I do apologize.

Silent Default Deny!

That is the innovation that’s been brought to tens of millions of users!


Re Offline installer.

There is a step where you choose where to download to.
Then during download there is a box to check… Do not install the packages after downloading.


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This one is for Melih. Looks like your dream is gradually becoming a reality!. Keep up the good work and i see and hear a few competitors looking and sounding worried, oh dear how sad!.


Thank you Dave1234!

CIS v4 is truly a game changer!


OK, that’s good, but it won’t let me download the files with CIS 3.14.130099.587 installed! My system has to be vulnerable during the download process??? :-TD

I like to install AV products offline to avoid the risk.

Wow, already in RC!

Impressive stuff! Keep up the good work!