COMODO Internet Security 3.9.75615.498 RC2 Released - CLOSED

Auto updated just fine.

Thanks team :-TU :a0 :comodorocks:

Seems like most of the bug reports are about appearances, affecting other programs, etc. I yet have to see any AV scanning error reports, e.g. failing to catch virus x, etc. Does that mean the scanning engine is perfect :-\

About the “New private network” detection, It looks like the paint delay happens if there is a firewall (or maybe D+) alert at the same time the alert is shown for the private network, you can clearly see a delay in the painting of the text on the GREEN bar (2 lines).

The german translation is partially still cut:




Are all the Defense+ hooks finally active?

I could be wrong, but I believe all the 32bit hooks were present in the first BETA from there on, and the second BETA had all the 64bit hooks from there on.

I’m a review editor at Gizmoo’s and as Admiral Melih will know I’ve not been too kind in the past with my comments about Comodo. There was never any malice intended, just told it how it was. Now though at last I’m able to report more good things than bad and amongst others have posted the Emsisoft “test” in our forum.

Having also regained enough confidence to return to CIS I grabbed the RC2 yesterday and what can I say?
OK so the firewall log filter still isn’t working but I’m struggling to find anything else!

In spite of my past negative comments I’ve always praised the “boss” and his team as well as the loyalty and support here in the forum which is second to none. The dedication put into this project is finally begining to pay off and if the final 3.9 can remain relatively stable through to V4 then at last you guys will have cracked it!

My praise and appreciation all round - I certainly won’t be changing again - unless it asks me for a password!

Well done everyone and thank you.

Congrats on the new release. :-TU

Good to see you guys taking time going through beta and RC phases. That will help to make the introduction of 3.9 a smooth one…

Back home and just downloaded it. I will clean install later.

Welcome to our forums Deadmeat! Good to have you here.


Hi there,

I am glad to hear that those issues you had in the past are now fixed. About the firewall log filtering issue, if you can give me more information about how to reproduce it, we can fix it.

In the future feel free to PM me for any issues you might have.


I get a OOPs I can’t find that page error :frowning:

Had a little trouble with this version, everytime i would allow xfire after logon, my pc would freeze completely. Happend 3 times.

I worked around this by not allowing xfire until i had changed some of the settings in cis to my configuration.

Now tho, its working fine. No freezes so far, threatcast working perfectly and my defragger doesnt slow down anymore with on access scanning enabled.

So do I believe it or not! I can access the section tabs and the forum but not the index page. According to one of the other mods some changes were made today which I guess has locked us out until it gets sorted.

Thanks. You might need to excuse me in advance here because I may be missing something blindingly obvious. It’s just that I run so much of this stuff and get prone to GUI dyslexia after a while.

If you hit the “more” option and cycle through filter; firewall logs; filter by; action; I get the “Blocked” to show blocked as correct, the “Ask” to show allowed and the “Allowed” to show allowed and blocked together. It seems to be all there but in a confusing order. Tell me what I’m missing here and I’ll disappear back into my corner!

Great to be here! I can annoy you now as well as the guys in my own forum!

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An answer please?

I re-installed RC1 after trying & firing Rising Internet Security Free. (YUK - so slow & a script error)
I updated the virus sigs. and then used the manual updater to go to RC2 with no problems at all.
I swear my PC starts up & shuts down more quickly than it did with OA & Avira, (both free versions), I was trying after my subscriptions to the paid versions ran out.
No horrible succession of pop-ups. No problems with Torrents. Lightning fast demand scans.
This is looking good. :-TU

When can we expect 3.9 to go public? 8) :-TU