COMODO Internet Security 3.9.75615.498 RC2 Released - CLOSED

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.9.75615.498 RC2. We would like to thank all who attend BETA testing for the cooperation and the support.

What is new in this 3.9.75615.498 RC2?

FIXED! Summary screen does not show firewall connections/Active Processes properly
FIXED! CIS fails to catch input blocking/windows messaging
FIXED! Chkdsk.exe does not work properly when CAV is installed
FIXED! CIS causes system performance slowdown after a prolonged time of data transfer(CIS causes glitches while wathing streaming media)

This is a BETA release. It is intended for testing and must NOT be used in any production environment.

This release is obsolete

Bug Reports

Please use the following thread for the bug reports:


Goodwork Egemen & Team!

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Thank you Egemen. DL’ing as I type this.

Hurray :slight_smile:

Good Job :slight_smile:


Same here! Can’t wait!

Thanks good job

Uff… I hope everything is OK now, after failure!

THANKS for this release! (:WAV)

D/L now. Let’s see…



Great job. :slight_smile:

It’s nice to see COMODO taking their time with this BETA. :-TU

Seems so early.

FIXED! Chkdsk.exe does not work properly when CAV is installed.

I see this being fixed with every release.

The bugs I have reported (importing configurations) are resolved with this release.
Thank you Egemen. Thank you very much.

Thanks Egemen ; COMODO.

FIXED! Summary screen does not show firewall connections/Active Processes properly

The installer is enormous! It is using compression 7zip or old zip?


Everything is fine here! Installed without any problem. Chkdsk & PerfectDisk working nicely. Even cavscan seems faster!!! WOW!!!

IF any bug is to be founded, it’s a minor one.



Has anyone have the same “Issue”… Where when you install CIS RC2 and once you restart for the first time to finalize CIS… And once you Start Up You get the “Network Detected” but The Title Bar Is Missing… and all the menus except for the Main GUI?


Yes, I’ve noticed this occasionally. It rarely happens though.

if anyone can repeat it pls report it as bug and help us solve it.

No… When I installed RC2 I imported my configs before restart.

Tryed to delete the my NIC/MAC to see, but no “New Network” comes up! (of course “Automatically Detect New Priv…” was selected. Weird. Maybe a restart is needed?)

EDIT: I did it again: deleted all my NIC/MAC/IP’s entries inside my Network group named NIC’s and then restarted my PC. Waited some minutes and nothing happened. Tryed to navigate with FF but was impossible… of course, b/c all my rules are related to my Network NIC’s group “from - to”. Added manually my MAC to NIC’s group and everything went fine again. Seems that not only the Title Bar is missing… Or I’m missing something else?

Simple Restart Fixes it then it never appears once again…


Yes, that’s exactly what I notice too. I cannot always reproduce the issue though, which makes it hard to work out why it’s happening.

They thought that they had it fixed in the last RC1 but it reared its ugly head again! It is now fixed on my system, hopefully, everyone else’s too!