Comodo Internet Security 3.9.75615.498 RC2 Bug Reports

Maybe because the updates are housing far more fixes than is reported?


every single time I boot my Win XP Pro SP3, a balloon pop up says there’s an update available for the RC2 (3.9.75615.498). After downloading (appears to be a small file, because it’s very fast) asks to restart the system.

After booting the same thing happens again, in a loop. Also if I manually check for updates it happens the same.

There’s no change in version numbers, so what is it?

There is an update, done in two parts. The first part updates the updater itself. The second will update CIS.

??? To any one who can give me the answer.I am still waiting for an answer to.What was the 2nd update to 3.998 to 3.9502 about?, was it bug fixes,if so what?.


After uninstalling and reinstalling I got the 2 updates and now i’ve got .502.

But as I told, I was stuck in a loop, only running the 1st small updates… tried 5 times…

maybe beacuse my XP is a virtual machine, i don’t know for sure…

thanks anyway!

Hmm I noticed this too, and have cmdagent.exe pushing processor usage to near 100% for several minutes during or shortly after desktop loading. (Machine remains usable, but slow). Might this be related?


@ dave1234. Please reread my post. It has your answer (minor GUI fixes).

I thought about that… why aren’t they documented then? I could understand with a beta, but final releases?

On Tuesday if everything goes as planned.

Thank’s Egemen.


Windows XP Pro Sp3
Full CIS: Config: Internet security,AV:Stateful,Network defence:Safe mode Proactive defense:safe mode

RC2 502

No problems.


Wait what? Are you talking about the final release?

Everything is ok but i found a CAVS bug
It was on Virtual PC 2007sp1
Windows XP sp2

Pictures says it all
somehow i think there are more files to scan not just ~8,000
(scan started from CIS window)

If i right click on C:/ drive and select Comodo Antivirus a full scan is done (and even with the setting bellow its super fast OMG) currently over 30,000 files scanned

[attachment deleted by admin]

here some crashdump for comodo GUI bug, build 502, FW and defense+ max protection installed.
OS is vista 64 SP1.
impossible to use the gui anymore, got some blue window without possibility to close or anything.
alerts were bugged too, missed buttons to set a rule.

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Hello lavinia and thnx for the reply.
Actually the setup what ever i do (if i a make a scan or not, if i install the firewall only or antivirus only or install both) it does a rollback which means that its getting uninstalled before the setup will normaly finish (after the “scan my compter for malware” screen). Very strange behavoir.
I have tricked the setup and at the “scan my compter for malware” i restarted my pc and CIS is working fine but as a result i dont have an uninstaller so i must manually delete all the files if i want to uninstall CIS…
I haven’t figured it out yet so if a developer could help me to detect the problem i would be gratefull :slight_smile:

I have also reported it here



ok this works thank you :-TU

I read this is a two-stage update, so I’ve let the first part install and reboot and I’ve had the re-occurrence of CIS crashing upon startup. Which seemed to have gone away with the initial RC2 release. :frowning:
Crash dump attached.

Edit: I just checked and it looks like the update reverted to the older version of the cmdhlp.sys ? It’s the same size at least, the one egemen uploaded seperately was 20kb and the problematic one is 26.5kb.

Edit2: I had to kill and restart CIS to be able to get the 2nd part of the update. But it seems to be running ok now despite the hiccup.
I have Defense+ disabled, but even so, I shouldn’t be able to kill the cfp.exe process with Process Explorer should I ?
Ouch, just checked and I was able to kill the cmdagent.exe process too. Surely this isn’t right. I’ve never been able to kill them before.

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Just updated to RC2 502. It installed OK but I lost all of “my pending files”. It was not just safe files.

clean PC mode on Vista Sp1.

Same here.

CMDAGENT failure when updating AV database

* CPU: 
        32 BIT
* Operating System information: 
        Vista Home Premium SP1 (all fixes applied)
* Actively-running security and utility applications:  
        CIS AV,Defense+(Safe),Firewall(Custom), Threatfire, Windows Defender
* Specific symptoms of the bug, and steps you can take to reproduce it:
        CMDAGENT failure with either a manual or automatic update from AV Database 1154 to 1156
* Specific steps you have taken to try to resolve it.
        Uninstalled V502 and reinstalled V498. Av updated to 1156 ok
        Will install V502 and await further updates
* Brief description of your Defense+ and  Firewall+ mode:
        As above
* If you pc reboots or you have a BSOD post in  BSODs: 
        cmdagent zip file sent to cpfbugs at
* Report if you are using an Administrator account Or a Limited User account: 
        LUA with UAC Enabled