COMODO Internet Security 3.9.74913.496 RC1 Released! - LOCKED

I did post it 88)

I have done that but to be sure I did it again.

Is BOClean needed if I have CIS 3.9 installed? If no, do I have to uninstall it, or will they (Boclean & CIS) run smoothly together?
The latter part of the second question is kinda useless :), as I’ve got BOClean and CIS 3.9 actively running on my machine and they seem to be working fine. I’m asking just to to be on the safe side.

I could not find the answers to these questions elsewhere. If they have been answered so far, could you please provide me with a link to an appropriate post?


P.S. CIS 3.9 RC1 is great! It’s nice to see it ‘speak’ my native language :).

Uninstall boclean, support for the standalone is ending… =) having both 3.9 and BOClean wont add anything, so just uninstall it… ;D

The same with Safe surf (or Comodo memmory firewall) if you still have that application, no added Buffer Overflow protection with it, so uninstall… 3.9 has it’s functions already! (and the standalone versions are not receiving any more updates) =) The uninstallation has to be done manually!

BOClean technology is integrated into v.3.9
You can uninstall it.

sure… both will be addressed with the same technique we have


This will be handled very elegantly in the next version. Dont worry.

Cheers. :slight_smile:

Cheers, (LOL)

Sounds logical :). Thank you both (Monkey_Boy & FaZio) for your advice.

Good to hear Melih, thanks. :-TU

That always makes me curious to how that will be done… (:NRD)

I have installed RC1 on 2 Vista Ultimate desktops and 1 Vista Business laptop. Everything is looking really good so far. Great job Comodo! :-TU (:CLP):-TU

This release is looking good, its the first time since ver 3.5 I have been able to run a full system scan on my XP SP3 laptop without it freezing!

Just a few little problems to fix and this will be good for the masses.

For example, the header text repeated and overlaping in the installer as somebody has already reported in the beta bugs section.



There are still problems concerning the display of some words in Romanian translation. (I guess this is available for all the other languages) Some words are not displayed in full length. I tried my best to shorten as much as posible but still there are some small problems. The problem is the GUI, not the translation.
Can this be fixed somehow?

later edit: I should have posted in the RC1 bug thread. Sorry.

Hello Mihai,

Yes, you can change the position values. Example:

I changed 26 > 32 because [i]Spårande[/i] is longer than [i]Stateful[/i].

Thanks a lot! I didn’t know that!
The third number in the row is the number responsible for the length?

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Yes, correct.


position from top, position from left, width, height


But it doesn’t work everywhere, as some items are positioned/resized at runtime and need to be addressed in the code (mainly headers and content of SysList and XTPReport controls etc.), also, some windows are put together from two different parts and one of them (the outer container) is not in the resources so it can’t be resized and if you resize the internal part it will be cut off/hidden behind the outside part.

Yesterday I installed this version and it is really quiet. I got just 2 pop-ups after installation! And also the problem with SpySweeper is resolved. But with this version also came new bugs (I will post them in appropriate place). But thank you and great work :wink:

this is sweet, It works for the newest windows 7 (which is windows 7 version 7100). Which won’t be released to the public sometime in may. If it already works for people with earllier windows 7 version then it will work with the newest version to be released somewhat soon :slight_smile:

Whatever has changed from version 7077 to 7100 hasn’t effected comodo :slight_smile: I haven’t found any bugs, but will report if I ever notice any :-TU

If someone like comodo developers would like a copy of so they can get a head start in working with it. Pm me for a link and I make it available (staff only).