COMODO Internet Security 3.9.74913.496 RC1 Released! - LOCKED

Really +1 Josh, this would add usability and silence to CIS, desirable for most people. Those of us who don’t want silence either already know how to get popups, or are willing to test CIS configuraions to get popups.

45.2 MB. :wink:

Size of the Translations folder (installed): 4.89 MB. I guess the files are compressed in the installer.

I think it is the virus database that makes the installer big. bases.cav (version 1133) is 71.1 MB. :wink:

downloading now thanks for the great free security in the world (:CLP)

I was hoping that the new signature format introduced sometime with 3.8 would reduce the size of bases.cav, but now it’s growing very large. It’s not the end of the world though, as long as RAM and CPU usage is low. We all have HDD space for a ~70 MB signature file, don’t we. 88)

Now I can select Swedish in the installer! Thanks! :-TU

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Up and running on Vista x64 SP2 - as usual smooth and nice ;D :ilovecomodo:

Thanks Comodo!:slight_smile:

I have uploaded the installer translated into Romanian but I cannot select Romanian in the “Select Language” window before the installation begins. Why is that?

496 has more problems on my PC than 494. :-
I cannot select Traditional Chinese on installation too.

This is probably best release yet. the defrag issue i was having has gone!

Yess I’ve just scanned and all the crashes are gone, its acting like the current stable :slight_smile:

Grate Work!

we have started the process to reduce the ram size for AV signatures. next release (after this public release) we do will have a new capability that will allow us to reduce memory consumption.


I don’t thing LA was talking about memory usage…but the size of the signatures.


Has the DPC bug been fixed in this version (network traffic will disturb audio or video stream after a day or two)? could a Comodo guy update us on this?
Please refer to for more details.


PS not fixed means I have to stick to 3.5 (I dont need AV component)

Just did a fresh install on Win 7 beta and imported my configuration. Gonna try and test it now.

I full heartedly agree here, Egeman. Well said. :-TU

It’s not fix. I and 3 of my friends have still this problem.
This is really importen to be fix becouse one of my friend was close to buy new parts to his PC
but lucky him that he asked me before he wast money becouse of Comodos fault.

This problem force me to pause Spotify and reboot several times per day just for me to lisen to my music without any audio glitches!!

The runing OS is XP SP3 x3, Vista SP1 x32 and Vista SP1 x64 so is not OS related.

This bug was not on 3.5 version.
This need to be fix before 3.9 go final.


Everybody may have already experienced this issue especially after a while, but they dont even know it ;D ;D actually it is more like :-\

Then you should confirm this for RC1 in the Bug Reports topic.

3.9 has been very stable since lunch (or so it seems for most users). Its not like the 3.8 where some severe issues had yet to be fixed!

Can’t wait for this to go public!

Its a kickass release regarding ease of use, bugfixes and security… :-TU :-TU

But was the Heuristic improved at all or is all the AV goodies to come in version 4? ;D :wink: (not saying it has not improved the great addition increase of signatures in the AV database - WOW!!!)

Well done Melih/Engemen/Devs! Thanks for the fixes. Downloading now.
See’ya later… :-TU

(reading this, I can see that DPC issue is still alive! I was waiting for the fix… I’m having problems with that, too. If anyone, who reported this in the past, doesn’t post in Bugs Report, I will. To help you.)