COMODO Internet Security 3.9.74913.496 RC1 Released! - LOCKED

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.9.74913.496 RC1. We would like to thank all who attend BETA testing for the cooperation and the support.

What is new in this 3.9.74913.496 RC1?

NEW! Additional Languages Support: Romanian, Chinese(Traditional)
FIXED! IP Addresses are not shown properly
FIXED! AV Scanner crashes with runtime error/AV engine freezes the system
FIXED! Chkdsk.exe does not work properly when CAV is installed
FIXED! Adding files to my own safe files from the virus alert does not work
FIXED! Small GUI issues
FIXED! Screen capturing is not caught properly in Vista 32
FIXED! Windows Vista Desktop redrawing problems when cfp.exe starts

This is a BETA release. It is intended for testing and must NOT be used in any production environment.

This release is obsolete

Bug Reports

Please use the following thread for the bug reports:


Thanks egemen

Good work. Downloading now.


Ill give it a try in the morning and see if the crashes that I have been having have been fixed, good work I hope its a very stable one for me. :slight_smile:

(:CLP) Nice.

Will there be RC2 or is the final planned next?

Thank you egemen :slight_smile:

:-TU Up and Running :-TU Thanks to all dev’s on this

Thanks again Egemen, 90% downloaded will post back soon :-TU…
Xman 8)

We might not have RC2. This is actually a transition from 3.8 to 3.9. This means there is a minor feature change(Stateful inspection and multilingual support) but tons of bug fixes.

This release should be more stable than currently available 3.8.477 in terms of fixed issues.

So hopefully, we will be able to fix the bugs reported in this version and go final because the nature of the addressed issues in 3.9 does not tolreate too much delay for the 3.8 users.

Have it up and running on XP SP2.
So far, running great.

Will be trying it on my Vista laptop next to see if it can load up.

Great job by all here! :-TU

Sounds good egemen. :slight_smile:


nice work mates , but minor fixing , also no shortcut keys adding :cry:

May I ask if the final version (when it comes out) will be available to download in separate languages, instead of having to download that large file?


this is expected in version 4.x

+1 I like that idea but how much would MB would be saved?

Well, I hope I’m not saying any lies, but, when there was only English, CIS x86 was like, what, 3x MB?

Thank you, Egemen. DL’d and will install on Saturday.

Thank’s COMODO !!!

Thanks Egemen, looking good to me. I agree, this 3.9 RC is much better than the current 3.8 release. Stop teasing, give it to the 3.8 users. :wink:

[i]PS On a serious note, I still think we should test the automatic update process (that happens for releases) as part of beta testing.


Looking good! :slight_smile: Even though there was no fix mentioned, my on-demand scanning issue is fixed.

Also, Egemen would it be possible to have an option to ignore Safe Files? For example “Frostwire.exe is a Safe Application…” And sometimes even Trusted Vendors still get Alerted for but are Safe on Alerts, Like installers.


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Welldone CIS team! Keep up the good work and continue protecting millions of users!