COMODO Internet Security 3.9.74199.494 BETA Released! - CLOSED

Hi Guys,

We have just released 3.9.74199.494 BETA(a.k.a BETA 3). We would like to thank all who attends BETA testing for the cooperation and the support.

What is new in this 3.9.74199.494 BETA?

NEW! Additional Languages Support: Arabic Chinese Czech Danish Dutch Estonia Finnish French German Italian Japanese Polish Portuguese Russian Slovak Swedish
FIXED! Windows Logon Screen is shown when CIS is installed under certain circumstances(Windows created a password bug)
FIXED! CIS does not validate digital certificates properly
FIXED! CIS does not detect clipboard logging
FIXED! File groups are not saved properly
FIXED! cavscan.exe crashes in Windows Vista while scanning certain files
FIXED! CIS handles can be closed in Windows Vista by attacker programs
FIXED! PerfectDisk Defragmenting takes long time if realtime scanning is enabled

Known Issues

  • Windows Vista and Windows 7 AERO Desktop Redrawing problems when cfp.exe starts
  • This version does NOT fully support Windows XP 64.
  • Screen logging defense is not working properly in Windows Vista32
  • Translation process is NOT complete

This is a BETA release. It is intended for testing and must NOT be used in any production environment.

This release is now obsolete.

Bug Reports

Please use the following thread for the bug reports:



If the links do not work, give them some time to be synced. They will be live soon.

D/L now… Let’s see (fingers crossed)

THANK YOU!!! :wink:

(…hmmm well, I will wait 4 32bits… hehehe) YUPIIII! Now is working! :-TU

I got it :wink:

An hour later, and the x64 link still shows Error 404, Not Found.

link dead again :wink:

Downloading the update with CIS.

Edit: but the download failed half way and now no updates available.

Links still dead :frowning:
:-TU Got it!

And in UK

now working ! :smiley:

Thanks :smiley:
Downloading now!


Got it now

Here work good for the moment !!!


Too late… ;D

Now updated via GUI and running .

Edit: no change to the language list?

This version does NOT fully support Windows XP 64

by this do you mean you don’t expect it to show traffic still?
It would be nice to know please, save an install.


Wow, Windows 7 are mentioned in changelog. :smiley: Can I assume Win7 has SOME support?

updated thru program updater and running good, thanks

Great, three bugs I recognized are fixed:
The one SSS ICMP thing, the digital signature issue and the failing of one clipboard logging test :slight_smile:

I guess no other HIPS or FW can beat the 32 bit version right now :-TU
If now the 64 bit version would be as great…

Now updated via GUI and running .

Edit: no change to the language list?

To see new languages, you need to install V494 setup.
Languages update won’t be available as part of updates, but will be available only via install.