COMODO Internet Security 3.9.73015.489 BETA Released [CLOSED]

Please continue with the build 491 available at

Thanks to the team :slight_smile:

??? You are leaving me on edge. ;D

Shhh… It’s a secret!

Downloading… ;D

Corrected. Thx:)

So CIMA heuristics won’t be integrated in 3.9?

A BIG Congratulations to the CIS team! Welldone guys!


Hopefully there are more ring 0 hooks on x64. I will download it and will look how good it is by testing some SSTS tests.

Does CIMA heuristcs included in this new CIS release?

And really thanks egemen! :slight_smile:

Great job COMODO Team. (:CLP)

dont have virtual machine so cannot try but eager to see so…screenshots plzzzzzzzzzzz!!!


D+ doesn’t fully operate correctly in VirtualBox. :cry:

Just successfully imported my configuration. All running smoothly. :-TU

Edit: No increase in memory use, is BoClean really there?

No It is not included in this release yet. But 3.9 final release will have it.

So whats up with CIMA Heuristics!?

That’s good news

egemen, will you add option to disable/enable packer detection since there will be real heuristics included?
I really don’t like detection based on packers unless i can control that myself.

Indeed… Memory Scanner (boclean) is there :slight_smile:


Database version 1097. Why not 1105? 88)