COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA Released [CLOSED]

Trying to download the latest comodo version delete its cause it thinks its a virus. I tried to download it with 3.56xxxx installed.

Tell CIS to ignore it. It’s a false positive.

Are any extra BETA/RC builds planned or will there be a direct final release?

Yes. According to Melih there should be an RC coming out. An emulator is expected to arive with RC release AFAIK :a0

Emulator? Isn’t this already implemented in current beta?

Could be my mistake about the emulator. I’ll search for that :-[

Here’s a quote from Melih about the RC :

More quotes as of January 17 :

Hey Justin, Pretty sure the whole point of this beta was to test this emulator :stuck_out_tongue: Also CMF\threatcast.

I’m sorry. I checked and you guys are right :-[ :a0

Quote from: darcjrt on Yesterday at 02:51:53 PM When is emulation heur going to be integrated to CIS??

Version after this current launch will have memory scanner (BOclean like capability)… and after that we will have a major release and hopefully in that release u will have the emulator…


This was posted on the COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA Q&A’s\Feedback forum by Melih yesterday in response to a question by darcjrt. Melih’s answer indicates that the emulator will hopefully be included in the second version, a major release, after the current Beta goes public.

So does that means I’m right ? ;D Yey ! :a0

I think emulation will be included on version 4.0
Probably by summer based on my calculations and the positions of the stars…LOL

sorry for the confusion guys…
let me clarify

The emulator is in this current version. Emulator is used for many purposes. One of the reasons we use it for in this version is for Unpacking. In the next version (not this current beta or tomorrow’s RC :)) emulator will use CIMA like heuristic to nail the baddies. Now we know our emulator kicks backside and very efficient.


So if i understand this right, Heuristics levels that are available in beta are not actually related to heuristics at all.
Basically from all that i managed to see were packer detections, those that were tagged as Heur.Pck.Unknown, generic unpacker part was used to attempt to unpack it (well thats what most of high end AV’s do).
Is there a generic unpacker?

Thanks for the 411!!!

Yesterday afternoon Melih was quoted as saying there would be a CIS Release Candidate tomorrow. Tomorrow is now today. It is currently 8:00pm Central Standard Time. Is there still a possibility that the RC will be released today? Last week’s Beta 2 was released just before 5:00pm. Don’t know what time zone it was released from.

New Jersey (the HQ of COMODO) is - 5 GMT
Just wait, it’ll come out. COMODO might be checking CIS “issues” with Vista. (V)

I’m waiting :stuck_out_tongue:

let see if we can get the final out by 10th feb…


Darn, I’ll be gone by then :frowning:

Are you guys THAT confident? Then by all means… Go for it! :slight_smile: