COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA Q&A's\Feedback [CLOSED]

you can click on the file name in the alert and it will open the file properties.
but on the alert would be more convenient i guess…

Was memory tightened up in this release. Running really light on RAM on my first test PC.

Still light IMO…

Right. The last version was great also, but I am seeing new lows in RAM usage with this latest version. :■■■■

What about the crazy CPU & RAM usage right after boot up, which the previous beta had for some users (including myself)? Is this still around in this version?


Version 1 confirmed
Xman 8)

Copy that.

Thanks Xman and EricJH! I was expecting it to be around 301 like the last Beta… :-\

Not to worry. They still may be finalizing a few things with the DB, And the known issue on the test database wasn’t fixed in this version so we will wait… :slight_smile:


Updated to version 2. :smiley:

So dummy Database again I guess?

Why the double posting (lol ^_^)

I think this is the new version of the database, not just a dummy one …


Mine goes to 90% and then hits cmdagent 50% flat out, topping flat like it can’t eat more CPU power…
Took from 10:32.22 - 10:34.10 now I’m updated to version 2.

Edit, did a manual update btw.

I’m sorry. Didn’t know where to post (:WIN)

Having the same now on an Windows XP x32 system, “stalls” at 90% and eating 50% of total cpu power.

Not sure that the slow boot up is the same issue. My machine never booted slow with beta 1, I just got a crazy cmdagent resource useage the first minute or so. Some other people had it as well. I think Commodus had it with beta 1. Seems like Ronny still has it with beta 2?

Personally I haven’t tried beta 2 yet, my only machine - which I usually kill with tests and new software - has currently turned into a production machine. (:TNG)

My beta 1 had a huge cpu load at startup (avg 10 minutes) that’s gone with b2.

The current cpu load is caused by the Merging of the av database because it was at the same time the manual update was run, download till 90% after that cmdagent has to merge db’s and that causes a cpu spike for at least 2 minutes.

In the latest Beta, according to the trusted soft vendor, iexplorer.exe is a trusted application. CIS permits all activities from iexplorer.exe except excuting other applications. Is it safe for our system?

I tried a manual update but I have still av db ver 1.

How many got ver 2?