COMODO Internet Security 3.8.61948.459 BETA Q&A's\Feedback [CLOSED]

You guys know the drill… :slight_smile:


I’m at virus database 1 here, anyone higher ?

It also takes a lot of time to get cmdagent initialized never seen this before, I’m already logged in and have to wait for some 2 minutes before it goes to “All systems are active and running”

Vista SP1, here.

Exactly same problem as you Ronny, virus database is at 1 and it takes a while for cmdagent.exe to be initialized on XP SP3.

I got the feeling it had to do with the new version of EasyVPN are you running that also ?
I uninstalled, now it’s fast again with init, after login it’s there.


No I don’t have the new version yet. Everything is the same besides new CIS, I did a bug report anyway.

Actually you might be right. VPN may be the problem. uninstall VPN and CIS now and try again.

EDIT - Uninstalling EasyVPN & Also VMWare WorkStation improved the initialization a little bit. Bug Reported was edited but I will still report it because usually initialization happens straight away on startup not 4 or 5 seconds later. :slight_smile:


I’ve got a Virus Database Version of 1 (the same as 3xist). Could someone comment on their version number? ???

Does anyone know - in the alerts for D+, does it now show the path to the executables rather than just the filename? Because without the path, you don’t really know which file is executing, so iexplore might be safe from the proper windows directory, but from C:.000b4d57uff\iexplore is probably malware…

you can click on the file name in the alert and it will open the file properties.
but on the alert would be more convenient i guess…

Was memory tightened up in this release. Running really light on RAM on my first test PC.

Still light IMO…

Right. The last version was great also, but I am seeing new lows in RAM usage with this latest version. :■■■■

What about the crazy CPU & RAM usage right after boot up, which the previous beta had for some users (including myself)? Is this still around in this version?


Version 1 confirmed
Xman 8)

Copy that.

Thanks Xman and EricJH! I was expecting it to be around 301 like the last Beta… :-\

Not to worry. They still may be finalizing a few things with the DB, And the known issue on the test database wasn’t fixed in this version so we will wait… :slight_smile:


Updated to version 2. :smiley:

So dummy Database again I guess?

Why the double posting (lol ^_^)

I think this is the new version of the database, not just a dummy one …