COMODO Internet Security 3.5 BETA2 Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.5 BETA2.

What is new in this version?

NEW! Quarantine button is added to Realtime alerts and manual scanning results window
NEW! Default remove behavior is changed to default quarantine
FIXED! Memory leak causing CIS to consume high memory while scanning
FIXED! CIS might freeze the computer while virus database is being updated
FIXED! Exclusions do not work
FIXED! CIS crashes reported by the users
FIXED! Window Security Center recognizes CIS after uninstallation

there are many small fixes that we have not included here.

You can use the automatic updater of BETA1 to upgrade to BETA2.

Download Locations

32-Bit Setup

Size: 21.4 MB (22,475,008 bytes)
MD5: 26e98545e565919c353a0ee1ff7f31b8
SHA1: 466ed935077ae41f872493cdfda7420f2f75405a

64-Bit Setup

Size: 35.1 MB (36,901,120 bytes)
MD5: 5f75472fc549480c3e2dcb9e6d703268
SHA1: 31ca7fb1ce4e671de3f1dae30f04a1fd8944b044l

BETA Notice: This product is intended for our BETA testers only. Please do not use it in your production systems.

Please post your bugreports in [url=]COMODO Internet Security Beta 2 Bug Reports[/url] Topic. Standalone bugreport topics will be merged


I’ll download it now! :wink:

Yes and it’s early tonight!


Thanks! Downloading update now…

Told ya it would be out within 22 hours (:LGH)

Great news Comodo, the final release isn’t far away anymore I think…


Thank you for all fixes especially quarantine instead of delete. :BNC

Working much better now over here :BNC


Going to update 3hrs from now once I’ve arrived home from work and cracked open a good cold one, thanks for the hard work devs…
Cheers & long life to the cold ones :■■■■
Xman (:KWL)

Both my XP SP3 and Vista updated with no problems and both have downloaded definition updates since.


I just noticed something. I am sure it used to say beta at the top, but not now.



Seems to be running great on one of my PCs, so I turn on another to do the update. Much to my surprise shortly after starting it up, CIS recognized a new version is available and automatically updated itself. Nice!

Thanks :slight_smile:

mmmh i booted 5 times and the Oops you found a bug appeared 5 times (:SAD)
Bug reports are send ( not using the build in reporting that still does not work).

Ditto that! Now if the Right-Click Scan will return, all of my dreams will be fulfilled! I’m sure it will be back soon! :-TU

To speed up the process, can you please post the memory dump in BETA bugs thread.


This has been happening frequently on my system too (beta 1 and 2). I hope it gets ironed out in future releases.

@ L.A.R. Grizzly → maybe this will help ??? Forcing a system crash from the keyboard - Windows drivers | Microsoft Learn

Thanks Commodus, but I was looking to post my latest minidump file from the Comodo crash. I found the upload link in the “Additional Options” section of the posting window. I posted it in the Beta Bugs thread. :-TU

I don’t know how they have done it but on startup with Beta 2 Memory is approx 100mb less running scan and memory usage is still less than Beta 1 (:CLP) :BNC

Well, after testing this beta 2, it’s been working great, didn’t notice any bug.

Good job Comodo team !!!

Good news (L) I will test it :slight_smile: