Comodo Internet Security 3.5 beta Questions and Answers [CLOSED]

As this is a Release Candidate it’s not yet been made publicly available. Primary improvements are being made to get CIS to work smoothy as a whole though I do remember reading about some firewall improvements once CIS has been released publicly.

Keep your eye on the Release Notes.


ok sir, thanks for the info :wink:
i didnt notice any change about the FW and D+ about the UI
now i’ll wait for the final build to test some exploits that D+ wasnt able to stop.
first thing i remember is the posibility to shutdown the machine and D+ didnt stop. it’s not a serious danger to contaminate the system (i’m not sure about that by the way) but it’s irritating to get his machine shuting down with no way to block that. it’s maybe corrected in last FW built in fact… i didnt test things for long.
there were other things like the possiblity to use print screen without any D+ alert (or something like that)
i need to refesh my memory about some exploits giving no D+ alert and able to steel infos like screenshot or keylogging, it’s far, i need to verify all that.
i’m not sure i’m not telling some errors in fact.

Please add to wish list…the devs might not read the suggestions if it’s not in the right thread

Why is there still the multiple configurations mess?

I manage multiple computers and tend to install CIS on as many computers as I can.
Regularly users are asking me why it is possible to choose from multiple configurations.
I really don’t know…

Since I pre-fabricate a standard profile in order to make sure I can manage the computers remotely, each installation has now 5 different configurations of which only mine is in use.

As far as I can see each configuration is a slightly different than the other one, which must somehow have a certain impact on security.

I just want maximum security on each aspect of the program and I haven’t seen an Internet Security suite before that contains so many profiles.

Max security corresponds to Comodo - Proactive Security

I thought Proactive Security was just Firewall and Defence+,I may be wrong!

Comodo-Internet Security=Firewall,Defence+ and Antivirus
Comodo-Proactive Security=Firewall with full Defence+
Comodo-Antivirus=Antivirus,some Defence+ protection
Comodo-Firewall=Firewall,Defence+ With leak protection

I do agree it is a wee bit confusing!

I have checked my settings for logging after the last update and now antivirus is ticked not to log all were unticked before.

i now get auto virus updates with RC2 which i didn’t with RC1.What i don’t get is notice(balloon).
Roll on final version.By then it should be totally corrected

even if CFP is downloaded, I notice that CAVS files and registry keys still get on the computer.

Yes, it appears that you use CIS you get CAVS installed whether you want it or not, but don’t have to activate or use it.

Yeah but there is no AV in the GUI. :wink: It’s part of the integration work, if people want the AV Back in, etc.


You can select COMODO Antivirus Security from the Configuration menu even though you have asked that it not be installed. Also, the antivirus log is present. Looks like another database driven option-haven’t tried selecting and unselecting it myself.

Tried selecting and unselecting CAVS–DON"T DO IT. Selecting the AVS does nothing except go to a new configuration database, still no GUI as Josh said. But trying to get back hung the machine, took two reboots to get things (apparently) back to normal. So not apparently fatal, but at least the unusable items in the configuration menu(s) and the log menu should be removed if the CAVS capability is not present. It also turns off Avast! monitoring in Windows Security Center, so I will need to look up the reference on how to get it back. Found that it also sometime hosed my internet connection, so did a system restore which didn’t fix things.
Update: Avast! was an issue in their new beta, CIS just broke the fix so I refixed it. Never figured out the internet issue, so went to an Acronis image-no further problems. Just a warning to those who think they might want to see what CAVS looks like based on the configuration menu avaliability.

You can set that under Miscellaneous → Settings.

You can also do the same by right clicking the icon next to the clock to display or not balloon messages

i want the right click scanner but the automatic update dont work for it.
i have the version RC2 updated, but is sayd then i have to reinstall the CIS but i only have the CIS beta(without RC versions), i have to download the complete CIS-RC2???
there is another way(my net is slow)???

ps:i cant post a normal topic(i cant find the option “new topic”), so i have to post a poll,sorry.

I noticed it a couple of days ago that you couldn’t start a normal topic but only a Poll topic on some of the pages here.

Unfortunately you cannot get the right click scanning other than using the installer. I am sorry for the bad news. Beta testing is so much fun… (:NRD)

You are not suppose to start a new topic always post here for questions
Thank you

As to your question there is a workround for this Here if the first one does not work for you there are more further on in the next page.


CIS informs that virus defs were updated today at 9am. However the virus signature database version still on 455 since yesterday or the day before (cant really tell). Does the version changes when new defs are released? When does the DB version changes?