Comodo Internet Security 3.5 beta Questions and Answers [CLOSED]

I think what Chaos18 is getting at is if you catch them as they are being DL’d (ie before hitting Memory or HDD real estate) even less chance of them doing something disasterous. (one more level of security).

As a follow-up, I have temporarily disabled the (on-access) CAV part of CIS. All systems are running normally/correctly, CAV still receives its updates, and performs regular scheduled scans (every morning, 2:00am) of my entire system.
Again, why change a picture just because you disabled a particular module?

Maybe, but I would hope the developers do NOT change a static image for a live one.
There are enough live images on the GUI as is. One should easily be able to scan the Summary screen at-a-glance and know what is what on their configuration of CIS.
(Just my opinion).

I have read some discussions previously somewhere else in the forum. I think under Anti-phishing solutions about a Website Analysis.

Personally I use Comodo SafeSurf which blocks any Malicious Drive-By Buffer Overflow attacks, Comodo BoClean to monitor memory and CIS to protect my system. I also use WOT for Firefox for some inditcation of Site Ratings before I enter a site.

Now back to your question about HTTP Scanning. This isn’t a feature of CIS because it isn’t necessary with CIS. Any file being downloaded is treated as UnTrusted by Defense+. There are plans for further integration of further COmodo Products. BTW.

Here’s more info on CMF and ComodoSafe Surf

Hope this at least answers part of your question.


you see, “existence” of “data” required before AV’s can scan it. So for any AV to scan the http traffic the data in AV’s Universe must exist. AV’s universe is the PC. So browser pulls the data from the web server and this is when it hits your RAM/HD…


I understand that, Melih. A variation then. Are the files/data scanned the moment it hits the HDD (before it is released as ok to be read/run on the computer it just entered?

I remember getting auto updates with Beta 3 but never get with RC1
Let’s hope the next version sorts out the problem

No problems here with auto updates on RC1. I get them regularly.

Vista 32 SP1

I also get them regularly, but with long intervals between updates. Yesterday it took roughly 21 hours or so before a new update was available (I tried updating manually as well). Is this normal?

Does this work for all browsers or only for Internet Explorer?

The current safesurf protects all applications.

COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar [INFO]

Erm, maybe because not all systems are active and running!? Why do you even ask such ridiculous question?
There is ABSOLUTELLY NO indication that on-access is disabled apart text status below which you can easily overlook and doesn’t even stand out. If it was at least green when it’s enabled and red when disabled. Same goes for that circle. It should reflect the actual status, not be there just to look pretty…

Does anyone or staff know for sure that when you shut the CIS gui is the antivirus still running by the security centre(If you have it running) it seems so because it does not alert you.
Where if you disable it in the gui the security centre alerts you.

I enabled the realtime AV and exited CIS using the tray-icon right click menu.

I went to eicar site to download the innocuous eicar standard AV test file

I choose I downloaded it and I tried to decompress it.
The file was never created and I got an error message (the same one I get if I choose to delete a virus detected by the realtime scan during copy/move actions)

Thus I guess the AV is still active when CIS GUI is closed if the realtime AV was not disabled beforehand.

+1 Rejzor,

If the green circle is intended to be a status indicator, then it should acurately reflect the system status. If you chose to install the AV but you have it disabled, then an installed service is not running/active and the status indicator should reflect that.

How hard could it be to change a green circle for an amber one?

Ewen :slight_smile:

P.S. Rejzor, the Screamer2 mentioned on your blog, is that the same Screamer/Screamer2 that was released on the Amiga??

The system status icon (under summary) should DEFINATELY reflect the status of CIS. The same goes for the system tray icon aswell.

I saw a screenshot somewhere of a “disabled” type graphic on the system tray icon but I’m not sure if it was a mock up as I’ve never seen it on mine.


Thanks thats what I suspected as I like to shutdown most things (offline) when I do an image.

Thank you very much for the info.

what changed in the FW part to improve security ?
and in Defense + ?
is there a list of the new features about the fix added that got a direct impact to secure even better the system ?
i don’t talk about the antivirus module.

I haven’t tested it yet, but I think that the FW and D+ parts are the same. The only thing new is the AV, I think.