Comodo Internet Security 3.5 beta Questions and Answers [CLOSED]

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My AntiVirus only seems to update when i boot or reboot my computer.
I was under the impression it should auto update throughout the day,assuming that there are new definitions.
Is this a known problem?

XP Home SP3

Hello Rambo, Would have thought nasties would have been to sacared to come on your computer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm well, for my computer I will get updates during the day - Usually every few hours or so… a pop-up will say that the database has been updated.

Perhaps take notice of this and if true - report it to the bug thread please.
Also you can check if there are updates by manualy updating it… comodo ->Antivirus → update

I have never ever seen any notices regarding updates and i have manually checked or rebooted to check and there have been updates
I will report the matter as suggested

Virus signature databasie version 410 … this how much signatúrát nominates ??? It is possible to know this ???

Thanks Laci (:KWL) (V)

If J2897’s translation is correct (:TNG), there is currently no list to view like some of the other AVs but Melih has mentioned that the number of signatures including variants is over a million. now the database is growing much faster b/c of more people starting to submit samples.

EDIT: here’s the quote

How do these figures compare to that of its peers?

Move this to right place pls as i could not find a place in CIS to start a topic anyways

Does CIS have HTTP scan? (for the antivirus?) as HTTP scanning is very important i believe as it prevents malaware from first coming in.

Also does CIS scan in the back round?

is CIS fully compatible with the main browers IE firefox, opera etc…

and does CIS antivirus have same features like Kaspersky, NOD32 etc… to compare

Hello welcome to the forums, for Q&A this is just in the BETA corner.

in regards to HTTP scanner,
Read what Melih says on pages 3,4.

As what ive read it seems that Melih says that HTTP is not implemented and not important? or i read wrong

Well, It depends on the method that it’s scanned. If it’s using the same method as the realtime scanner… It does little… Malware either needs to hit the memory or disk to do damage, As for XSS etc this will be scanned by an in the cloud service that comodo is working on.

I don’t really understand

i know that Avast, NOD32, Kaspersy and other does HTTP port scanning.

So will or does CIS do that?

And scan a file when u just downloaded a file or downloading?

Does or will CIS have wat Avast has that scans P2P programs and supports many of them?

[quote author=Chaos18 link=topic=28112.msg206467#msg206467 date=1223976404
So will or does CIS do that?

And scan a file when u just downloaded a file or downloading?

Does or will CIS have wat Avast has that scans P2P programs and supports many of them?
Comodo will scan memory and disk levels, as well as scanning websites for scripts or exploits on websites.

I can’t see any reason to use P2p shields\email guards… They are no affect unless they are loaded into the memory or disk. It’s just a marketting ploy

Is the problem i have with not getting auto update virus definitions anything to do with the fact that i didn’t uninstall beta 3
before installing RC1.
I got RC1 via auto updates and installed over the top of Beta 3
I can get antivirus updates manually or when i boot or re boot my computer but i have never get any balloon messages telling me about antivirus updates.
Otherwise everything else is perfect.

Um, this post? Why is it that i’m lately explaining ridiculously ridiculous things to ppl like i’m talking to a brick wall. A new trend or something? Structure of these forums is also awful. 8 subforums for one product and another 8 specific threads under each. Call me stupid but thats stupid. They could erase half of them and would still be clutered…

No, That isn’t something that needs a new thread - “Green Circle” Needs to be added to the wishlist, Your complaints and suggestions about forum layout needs to be suggested in General\off topic\ anything and everything.

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No I don’t think so I have updated since Beta1 no fresh installs on XP and Vista Home Premium auto updates work fine on both.

Why wish to remove a picture whose sole purpose is to show “System Status Check” location on the Summary screen?
Having it change would only bloat the program with needless code.
Can’t you take the image for what it is - just a picture?
(Same as the two connected monitors are for ‘network’ information, and the bug on a shield in a green circle is for ‘AV’ information. Just pictures.)
Note I comment here because the only green circle with a check mark that I find is on the Summary screen.