Comodo Internet Security 3.5 beta Questions and Answers [CLOSED]

how to quarantee virus found I cant seem to find an option to do it

I imagine it trys to repair, than quarantine by default. I’m looking for the option to btw.


the antivirus found 15 win 32.bifr what ever that suppose to mean looked it up on line but all I found was russian web sites, downloaded prevx csi ran a scan found NOTHING.

I really hope you aren’t taking these readings seriously, remember this is a beta product and therefore has bugs.

Quarantine can be accessed by going to the Antivirus tab, and clicking the second option from the bottom on the left column.

I could see where the quarantee tab is at the trouble after you run a scan the only options are to delete or ignore

I used to able to block an app in svchost when I did not want it to run in Paranoid Mode CPF3.
On looking in both explorer.exe and svchost.exe the list is empty (Run an executable) in CIS I am running in Paranoid Mode with all boxes ticked but receive no alerts, each Program I receive alerts for but not to start the application.
Acer Aspire 1700
Windows XP Home Version 2000 Service Pack 3
Pentium 4 3.06ghz
3.05ghz of Ram
EDIT Found it the Image Control Level was set at disabled

Ah I see what you’re saying, I apologize, I misunderstood. This is interesting, maybe the delete function automatically saves a copy in quarantine? I’m not sure somebody more knowledgable should answer this, I’ll forward this to others.


i like that the defence + and antivirus are showing up in the vista security center

I thank you Justin for you’re reply but I had to uninstall CIS with deep regrets cause it was making my pc real sluggish and Opera kept freezing on me & I also had a popup saying a bug was found in CIS send report so I hit yes ten times & it would not send anything and basicly my pc came to a halt so I rebooted then installed Antivir again ran a scan and NOTHING was found.

I see, no problems, remember this is a beta program and bugs can be expected. Comodo will improve it before the final release.

I’m sure they will but wanted to be on the safe side.

Me too… Is it worth starting a new thread about? (:TNG)

Why do you need a security center at all ? ??? You know what security software you install, you know that it’s working by checking it out with an EICAR file :slight_smile: Security Center just eats resourses and can be hijacked by malware ;D

It doesn’t. I ran a scan with the test files and I chose to delete them. I then checked the Quarantine and they weren’t there.

I’m sure the Devs will smooth these things out.

In the meantime, you can post change requests here:

CIS Wishlist

I installed CIS on my XP SP3. Not really any thing bad happened. I did the scan during install, restarted, and ran the AV scan after restart. The AV scan did take a while (about an hour for 10 GB), but I did see a lot of files fly by during the scan that I have never seen before, so maybe CAV is just looking in more places. During this scan my memory usage did just about max out. I restarted the computer again, and memory usage was back to normal. The computer seems a little faster now than with CFP/Avast. Will install CIS on my laptop Vista and take into “the jungle” (my workplace with the nasty network).
So far so good I would say. Thanks Comodo.


Is there a .exe file for updating the AV component of CIS. There is one for CIS itself, but I do not see one for the AV like in CAVS2.

When you open up CIS and select the “antivirus” tab and choose “update virus database” where is the exe that it uses located? (or program).

Yes, there is. It’s cmdagente.exe.

Security Center can be hijacked with malware as easily as any other file on your computer can, but with CIS this does not apply. And yes, it is worthless bloat SC is.

Make sure you have the following setting

  1. Go to Defense + ->Image Execuition settings ->Normal