Comodo Internet Security 3.5 Anti-Virus

Comodo Internet Security really needs a VB rating for it’s Anti-Virus so people can be assured that you are getting effective protection.

So you think a AV is good if it gets a rate of some kind?
I think it is good if it keep my machine clean :wink:

Agreed,and if I did not know it can,and does do that it
would not be on my machine.
But at the same time people right or wrong,buy into these tests.
Would a high score on say AV comparatives hurt Comodo?

The Op’s statement was reasonable.

Having a VB rating would be a good thing, just to give you an idea of the effectiveness in detection rates. Avira, Avg have been doing this. I like Comodo products a lot, having used their Firewall for some time and am very pleased.

Having a rating is no guarantee for how it will work now, only how it worked.

With out a doubt. which is why the tests are repeated at intervals.
this makes it possible to see the rise of the new guys,and the decline
of the flavor of the day.
Does NOD-32 look as good today as a few years ago?
I bet the user cant tell a lot of difference,but he/she is not protected by
“state of the art” any longer.
It is the canary in the mine,when detection falls off other problems will follow.
(Although I cant thank of much worse than poor detection)

Having a rating is no guarantee for how it will work now, only how it worked.

I agree there.

I watched this review, from the guy that runs, he reviews a lot of security software and put it to the test and Comodo Antivirus faired very very well with about 1000 malware infections. So it is very effective at detecting and cleaning. All I needed to see.

Thou hast needed to SEE something?
Oh ye Of Little Faith!!
Thou Art not Yet ready for the Sacraments of the Church Of Comodotology!!

You are pretty sure you know how to respond to all of those pop-up’s?
By the way,here is a link to the vid guys forums.

look around there,and if you thank this is the crew of pissants you want to
trust your machines security to,you may be ready to sip
the Cool-Aid.

I ran without an AV for four years and never got infected. Maybe this means that computer viruses don’t exist, too.

Anyways going back to my original post, this was just some feedback for the Comodo team.

Melih (COMODO’s CEO) said he has some sort of ‘plan’ for the AV tests. I don’t think it will be too long till we see it in AV Comparatives, etc. :wink:

Depends on how long it takes to release CIS 4.0, because the detection rate needs to go up by another 30-40% before AV-C will accept this for testing.

Darn, you need to wait for the 4.0 version some time… But at least version 3.8 gets released soon, (in 4 days).

As for testing CAVS is not bad.

A somewhat big test with 565 400 samples showed that Comodo AntiVirus/Spyware scores better than clamwin and Dr.Web but still has a long way to the big guys. this was at the time that CIS lacked Heuristic (it still does, but heuristic will be in the 3.8 version scheduled for 10 February) Anyway, Iam very confident that comodo can reach its goal of getting among the best in a year.

If it does, then CIS will have a top firewall, top hips and a top antivirus + top buffer overflow protection.
And all for free! (:LOV) (:LOV)

Are you their spokesman then Solcroft?