COMODO Internet Security 3.5.61373.458 BETA Released! [CLOSED]

It’s pretty awesome! And yes it’s only first version with heuristics, from hear on in it’s all gonna be improved. :wink: It’s a bright future for Comodo.



I’ve been trying it out, and so far I have not had a single D+ warning. Good job comodo! :comodosavedmylife:

You may get some warnings every now and then, But my god it’s a great improvement! And it runs great by default doesn’t it? :slight_smile:


Congrats! :ilovecomodo:

I am going to install this BETA on my test system at home. I have to try the new heustic!

Congratulation to all of Comodos Users and developers. (:KWL)

If I scan with the heuristics on, I get tons of false positives. My TuneUp Utilities had over 56 tags on the .bpl files! I even scanned it in low mode. I had to turn the heuristics off for now. Hopefully there will be improvement down the road! I like the availability of the CAV configuration in the system tray! Great preview of the next new version! :-X

exciting stuff for comodo.
Would love to try it but I think ill wait for a full release.
I have been coming here for last two weeks (every day) to see the release :stuck_out_tongue: But I think i’ll wait for something more complete.
If the interface has changed I would love to see screenshots, or even if it hasn’t changed much :stuck_out_tongue:
Well, see you at the release of a final! ( Any E.T.A? :))
Cheers Comodo.

Edit: stupid me for not seeing the sticky devoted to screenshots!

Nothing changed in main GUI… But See my 2nd post here. It shows you the different features and Alerts. And yes you can wait if you don’t want to test, It’s not for general use, Just testing it out and reporting bugs… :slight_smile:

I see you weren’t here for the last CIS beta (When CIS first when beta). That beta was expected to last for a few weeks, It lasted for just over a month. So Comodo are trying to do the same with this beta too… Hopefully last for a few weeks, then goes final… But there is no ETA for final.


I have installed it.
Everything works perfectly here.

There was no slow start of my PC (for the first time), no delay in pop up warnings and there are even fewer pop-ups.
Superb teamwork and a great program. :BNC

Congrats! :slight_smile:
Good work Comodo!


Great release a big :-TU :-TU to everybody involved.

Indeed the first install took 15 minutes of high cpu load on cmdagent.exe now every reboot it takes some 4 minutes of high load (Dell 830, Processor Intel(R) Core™2 Duo CPU T7500 [ at ] 2.20GHz, 2201 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 2 Logical Processor(s), Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 4,00 GB)

I guess we should not be installing SafeSurf with this version of CIS covering that ?

Moving firewall rules around with the mouse now drops on the right place.

Logging is disabled by default :frowning:

Firewall is now detecting applications on Windows 7 also :-))

Context menu still screws the Vista Layout, and the text is also still in bold, suggesting that’s the default action !


I’m always late spotting these kinds of topics. >:(

Thank you & congrats, Comodo Team!


This release features a lot of enhancements for Vista, so this is one of the very few products that integrate this closely into Vista. Other products really don’t take advantages of all the Vista features like this release does. Heck, other products don’t even have a 64 bit release for Vista or XP. Great job guys and I hope you do even more integration with Vista! I will wait for the final release before playing with it and I am also waiting for the Time Machine software. Very exciting products.

i have 2 new virus not detected by most antivirus

comodo antivirus in real time dont detect them if i open her folder ( exe file )
but if i scan hem they detect them by heuristec << pebomb >>

heuristic protection not detect anything in real time !!
anyone need to test hem send me a pm (:NRD)

i have the new cis beta

Hello, I have examined these files and CIS detects them real-time with HUER set on high. If you could double check your settings to make sure you have it set up right. If you are still having problems please look here;

I guess I’d better try it too! 8)

Where are all the pop-ups?! Melih, This is great :slight_smile:

Installation notes ???

  • Are we supposed to install over the current release,
    or uninstall the current release first?
  • Are user settings preserved and meaningful,
    or should we start over?
  • Is there a tool to clean old Comodo settings out of the Registry?

p.s. I’d like to see formal Release Notes, including Installation Notes, on every release.

We have put some amazing intelligence (of course we will continue to put more :slight_smile: ) into CIS for making it very quite… you really have to torture it to make it talk!!! :slight_smile: Otherwise it will sit quitely and protect you.