COMODO Internet Security 3.5.61373.458 BETA Released! [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.5.61373.458 BETA.

Whats new in 3.5.61373.458 BETA?

NEW! Threatcast integration: COMODOs community based alerts reply statistics reintroduced
NEW! Native Vista Firewall: New COMODO Network Stack based firewall engine using new vista technologies(dramatic performance improvements)
NEW! Native Vista HIPS: New Vista HIPS compatible with Vista PatchGuard. Now Defense+ introduces kernel level protection in Vista SP1 X64 or later
NEW! COMODO Memory Firewall integration: CIS now includes builtin system wide buffer overflow protection
NEW! AV Heuristics: The AV engine now includes heuristics scanning capable of detecting unknown viruses generically
IMPROVED! Trusted software vendor list is expanded, capable of detecting thousands of applications generically without any signatures
IMPROVED! Revised AV engine: AV engine scanning and updating speed increased significantly

Known Issues:

  • First boot after the installation might sometimes take longer than expected: This issue is being investigated
  • The virus database in this version is a test database and is therefore different from the virus DB of the released version. This means detection rates are different

This is a BETA software and is NOT intended for the end users. Never install this version on a production PC.

Bug Reports:

False Positive Reports

32-bit Setup

Size: 33.3 MB (34,951,944 bytes)
MD5: d0754072852f0743299e0e3e0bc1400b
SHA1: 0933c314ad97288edbba07c64422465d1ee5cd49

64-bit Setup

Size: 50.4 MB (52,907,784 bytes)
MD5: 1eb4aa9cbd341d2318e9233d52312a1a
SHA1: 213751a2e96f292eafd0692b927ec4027bf6466d


Great Work CIS Developers & Egemen who leads the entire team in a great manner!

I know you guys were working hard all week to make it happen this week some time, Grab a ■■■■ then get back to the bug reports… :wink: (Oops that’s Melih’s job) :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a huge release and will mark the turning point in Comodo achieving great usability for a “prevention as first line of defense” product. This has never been seen before and as the leading company and innovators in Prevention based security.

Please join me in congratulating the hard working CIS team at their relentless quest in providing our users with the best possible protection!


Installing as we speak. Thanks for your great work and can’t wait to test this new speed!

Yup, I’ve been waiting for this for so long. Good job guys! :ilovecomodo:

This new vista integration looks very promising :slight_smile:

three words… :■■■■ :■■■■ :■■■■

Congrats! I will be testing on a lot of PCs.

1 - Windows 7-32bit
1- Vista 32bit
2- Vista 64bit
1- WinXp.

great work COMODO. :comodomarryme:

Good work.

I will let you know. How it goes



Yep noticed this… It detected less in some 500 samples then before. But it does feel better when scanning, etc.


Congrats! Running well, and much better with the popup warnings. One app it could add to the Whitelist is DefenseWall. I’ll do some testing of the heuristics.

I have it up and running and seems good so far…although there are some hang ups!..i can’t find out where to tweak the memory firewall settings?

Congratulations CIS Development team. Thank You!


Defense+>Advanced>Image Execution Settings And you can either uncheck the box at the bottom or leave it ticked as it to detect Buffer Overflow attacks. Then go to Exclusions to add Exclusions, just like the full Memory Firewall but improved and totally integrated.


:ilovecomodo: Great great achievement guys. keep trying hard,i believe in you.

So the detection is not as good as the previous version?
Anyway, great work CIS Team!
Will try it out after a (more) stable release.

I am downloading it right now and very excited to try it! :BNC

No. It’s better because of heuristics. If you see Known Issues in Egemen’s announcement the database in this version is a test database because of the new signature format. They are also testing this. It will be back to normal with the current DB (And new sig format) towards a later beta, or RC or even Final.


I tried about 6 or 7 Rogue AV links at the MalwareBytes Forum - 3 found as Heur.PEBomb, which is a good sign! And I’m sure heuristics will improve.

Congrats :slight_smile:

This is a major release barely hinted by its 3.5.61373.458 version number. :smiley:

If this much was 3.5 what CIS 4.0 will be? :o :comodorocks: