COMODO Internet Security 3.5.56968.437

CIS 3.5.56968.437 has been released.

Update using the ‘Check For Updates’ button under the ‘Miscellaneous’ tab.

No change log as yet.

EDIT: This update appears to have been pulled, upgraded versions are being rolled back to build 432.

Nice! Updating now :smiley:



Updated… :BNC

What the New in CIS 3.5.56968.437 version ???

Are we sure that updating via the ‘Check For Updates’ button we don’t lose the new Default Defense+/Firewall settings? (known bug)

If unsure - make export of configuration =)

Well. it is not so easy;msg205863#msg205863


great new, thanks to comodo people for their great job as always. :wink:

Excellent. Looking forward to getting home and trying it out.

Don’t forget that it was a mismatch between CIS and CFP. All CIS updates/Import/Export worked fine.

update worked on my xp netbook but on my vista laptop it says there is no new version

ah strange thing occured, i just uninstalled build 432 and reinstall build 437 and i got a message from the updater for a new update, must be some error message from the updater.
there’s no new build ? the last one is build 437, right ?
(installed on vista SP1 ultimate 64bit)

So, can we import our old configuration without lose any news from CIS?

The page you requested was not found - and the ‘Check For Updates’ button says no updates available. :o

Heh, 30 min ago Check for Updates offered me to update. Now it says “no new version aviable”.

I just installed the update. D+ re-learned a few applications that it should already have known. But until now no severe problem.

Weird, I got auto-updated back to 432.
Let’s see what egemen says.

I have also been rolled back to this build. I have edited my first post as to not mis-lead future readers.