COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53896.424 Released! [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

Good news! We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.5.53896.424!

What is COMODO Internet Security?

COMODO Internet Security is the product in which we have integrated COMODO Antivirus, COMODO Firewall and COMODO Defense+ in a seamless manner.

Our philosophy, as you well know, is about “Prevention” being your first line of defense. CIS now has an AV component however this AV component is there to make Prevention more usable. We believe in a Layered Security Architecture where Prevention - Detection - Cure (in that order) is the components needed for a good security. Of course Prevention being the first line of defense, CIS does not compromise on this philosophy and continues to prevent malware from infecting the PC in the first place. And with the help of the detection technology (AV) built in CIS we can now offer easier to use security technology that has “prevention” as its first line of defense.

This release also addresses numerous issues previously reported in COMODO Firewall 3.0.x.x versions.


1 - Where can I download COMODO Firewall or COMODO Antivirus alone?
The COMODO Internet Security package will help you to install either one of the products alone.

2 - I am a previous COMODO Firewall user and have my own antivirus solution. Do I have to uninstall it?
No. You can choose to install Firewall or Antivirus alone. But we do not recommend having 2 security products of the same functionalty to be installed at the same time.

3 - When will the updates be available?
Depending on your location, you should be able to get the updates starting from 10/28/2008, Tuesday.

4 - Am I going to lose my previous settings if I update?
COMODO Firewall users will be able to keep their original settings. However CAV2 users will lose the old settings.

5 - Can I import my previous configurations into this version?

6 - I was a BETA tester and had BETA releases already installed. What should I do?
Please uninstall the BETAs and reinstall the released version. Otherwise, you might not get the proper virus database updates.

Whats New?

NEW! COMODO Internet Security: Seamlessly integrated Firewall, Antivirus and HIPS products
IMPROVED! System Resource Usage is improved
IMPROVED! Default security policies are optimized to protect new COM interfaces/registry keys/files
IMPROVED! Summary section now has links to appropriate sections
FIXED! Wrong application name is detected by firewall
FIXED! Firewall blocks fragmented packets even if it is disabled
FIXED! There are many small fixes/improvements addressed in this release

Download Locations:


Size: 24.6 MB (25,831,688 bytes)
MD5: 04497fd02ddea5c790514ea0da345666
SHA1: bbdd3bd6296ae5fcd5f6b8859f7da50d5eb14323


Size: 40.0 MB (41,975,560 bytes)
MD5: e2b93e99c55b23e8234e444b06ef0a1e
SHA1: 164d05e3aa60fb39a953df727330d0ba70705def

We would like to thank our BETA testers, some of the best testers around the world, for working with us to improve our products and provide better protection for the users!


Excellent work Comodo team
Thanks :Beer (:CLP)

Thank you very much downloading now :BNC :BNC

Dennis (V)

Great news!

downloading now

Good work Comodo!
Installing now ;D

V7chy (B)

I downloaded the new version of Cis. Will I have to uninstall the Rc 2 verison of Cis to see if my Password Bug problem has been fixed?

Congratulations, Comodo, congratulations, dear beta-testers.
I’d have a :Beer on all of you later tonight >:-D

Well done! great work guys :slight_smile:

When will it be put here?

I should think after the forum members have had a chance to download it.
Which is very nice of them to thank us for our input.

Installed and running perfect!

I want to congratulate COMODO’s team on their effort to provide the best internet security solution out there incorporating the three layers of security.

Great work you guys! I hope you have a great celebration party!! (V) (R)
:BNC :Beer :Beer

Yup and this is my thrid message of congratulations, and finally in the proper page, I hope!

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Yes. The web site will be updated tomorrow. Right now, our forums users have the privilege:)

Tried it and it’s my first try of the 3.5x version. Everything running fine and the alert windows are more responsive than before :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, Comodo staff.

A massive thank you to all at Comodo. Hope Melih will let you have a bit of a rest now. ;D


Some hope ;D
They might get some today but not tomorrow. :-

Thanks guys. Smooth update from RC2, everything is fine here.
Congratulations for a well done product. :Beer

Welldone to all our dev guys who worked tirelessly to make world’s first Free Internet Security Suite reality and thank you to all our beta users who helped us with development!!

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What can we expecct from CIS in the near future besides being protected by the best sec product out there?