COMODO Internet Security 3.5.52764.414 RC1 Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

I would like to announce the availability of COMODO Internet Security RC1(Release Candidate) for testing.

Whats new in RC1?

NEW! Windows Shell Integration: You can now scan any file/folder using windows right click menu
IMPROVED! Default Defense+ security level has been slightly elevated to defend against more threats
FIXED! CIS stucks while scanning some files
FIXED! Pausing manual scanning causes operating system to stall
FIXED! Wrong date/time of the last update is reported
FIXED! Many small visual/textual bugs

Known Issues

  • Updating from the previous BETAs does not register the shell integration library so AV needs to be reinstalled
  • A number of small issues which do not affect the quality of the release exist

This product is a BETA product intended for BETA testers. Please do not use it in a production environment.

32-Bit Setup

Size: 24.2 MB (25,409,280 bytes)
MD5: 7eeb4784c993b61ac9d0b768d00c9af1
SHA1: 3ba517da37687cf2d0ba2049ed7c69228b165e5d

64-Bit Setup

Size: 38.9 MB (40,873,216 bytes)
MD5: 7f7e2706021967277e56879a72f5b237
SHA1: a7d9e398bc515a3b1fdf46d09d27f2db6767a572

Thank you for this release.

Be sure to post any bugs in this topic! Thanks.


Running RC1 now, context-menu scan works nice :slight_smile:
Thanks guy’s for the great speed of updates


I guess you reinstalled then? Cause I made an online update and I have no context menu scanner option (just like Egemen brought up as a known issue).


Yes, my best practice:

  • Export old config.
  • Uninstall.
  • Reboot.
  • Install.
  • After install, do not reboot, start CIS as Administrator.
  • Import As, SomeProfileName.
  • Select SomeProfileName.
  • Reboot.

This way i have 4 clean Profiles and am still able to keep my “own” preferences.

  • Red Arrow - Fixed
  • Indexing with Launchy - Fixed
  • Space for Defence+ in the logging window - Fixed
  • Firewall log export loses protocol information - Not Fixed
  • AV Alert, Ignore Once need 22 clicks to “Ignore Once”- Not Fixed
  • Vista Recycle.bin - Not Fixed
  • BOClean Exclusion conflict - Fixed :-))

You deserve more than a few brownie points chaps. Kudos and respects to you… :-TU

It made me uninstall CAVS-2 (good thing I guess). I imported my config and it added svchost to the network security policy. It was not there before. So far looks very good


You can register it by clicking start, select run and type this command:

regsvr32 "%ProgramFiles%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cavshell.dll"

Thanks for the tip. :-TU

Anyone has an idea how to uninstall when you’ve accidentally removed the uninstaller in the registry? Cause I made a little manual reg-cleaning when I discovered leftovers from Beta 2 (at least I thought so but I may be wrong), as I was running Beta 3. But for some reason I managed to remove the uninstallation information. Online update from Beta 3 to RC1 didn’t help, nor did the diagnostics restore anything.


Someone with beta 2 can send you the files you need. I now have RC 1


The link to beta 2 still remains while it lasts:

Nice work :slight_smile: It has progressed so fast (:HUG).

I’m not 100% sure if this is a bug or not, As I can’t reproduce it… I was playing a full screen game BF2 and when the program update came along it closed the full screen app.

Thanks for your tips but it didn’t work out. Launching the old Beta 2 installer detects the newer RC, and offers me to uninstall - which is fine - but the uninstallation never initializes. Well, I can always reinstall Windows, that’s what I usually do in these cases. 88)


you say it like you do it every week. (:LGH)

srry !ot!

i have not tested this with RC1 but with the last version this happened a lot. i dont think its an update, it looks more like in the old CFP when files got submitted, but since it only appears for a blink of an eye i cant really tell what it is :-\

You are welcome.

To uninstall:

"%ProgramFiles%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfpconfg.exe" -u

The bug regarding the truncated file path of the saved log has been fixed. Too bad 120 DPI issue remains. I can tell it’s on devs’ lowest priority, but I understand.

I did a uninstall and new install, but importing of my D+ and F rules completely failed. At least I backed them up by screenshots lol.

Thank you for keeping this on the top!

downloading RC1 and installing now.


I tried the above command, got the following error:

Vista Ultimate x64

[attachment deleted by admin]

wow. fast work guys. Well done. Will install in a sec.