COMODO Internet Security 3.14.130099.587 released

Hi Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.14.130099.587. This is a
maintenance update over the previous version(i.e. build 581) and addresses
some known bugs.

What’s New in 3.14.130099.587?

FIXED! Defense+ File Protection can be bypassed under certain scenarios
FIXED! Threatcast registration fails in some 64 bit operating systems
FIXED! AV does not update the virus database properly under certain

Download Locations:

32 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 44M ( 45174032 )
MD5: a57c55f7f0a290e656496e23c1e5d523
SHA1: 5cb842a1af479baabf3a12b391875975e3fea8fc

64 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 46M ( 47994128 )
MD5: da07b454a491f588d609b0ab71f0dc9f
SHA1: 53f817e5f8fa5b100ed629ffacedf18c4ce1339d

EDIT: We issued a small update for build 586 users. Build 587 addresses a performance issue which can cause an observable slow down in certain file system operations. So build 587 has a small performance fix.

Thanks. :-TU

Thanks Slava.



Thank you.

what about the antivirus hanging the applications like MS office and all. is this bug fixed?? can anyone confirm plzz?? if the bug is fixed i can reinstall the whole suite. why win 7 is not listed in the download setup??



Thanks Slava. ;D

No problems, on windows 7 64 bit with M$ office 2007

lets see. right now i am updating antivirus. but why they have not mentioned WIN 7 in the download setup??


It still hangs with FastStone image viewer

No improvement here on XPSP3 with Office 2003, but I believe Umesh is currently investigating an issue with AV sigs which could be the problem.

I’m glad we got a bug fix release…maybe that will make some of those “people” happy for a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

i have win xp sp3 home edition. i had problem with office and sometimes explorer. what about these softwares?? i dont have faststone.


lets see what happens here. i have office 2000. updating right now… thats why i just disabled avira and not uninstalled.


I’m assuming it’s the same cause for all these applications.I have the same problem with the beta.All is fine with the av disabled

Heck yea! :smiley:

I wonder what kind of “people” you’re referring to. ;D

Updated via updater. Two things to say/ask:

Same as usual.: when updater finnish its work it only suggests to restart the system. It doesn’t says that CIS is now disabled, nor if it’s half-working!
WHY does the tray-icon vanish when mouse hovered? It’s scary! (Two customers/clients called me about this today!) And the behavior is not clear to the average user.

If it is really in need a restart after update, the right action should be (an advice) like “The System Will Be Automatically Re-Started After Update - SAVE YOUR CURRENT WORKS RIGHT NOW AND THEN CONTINUE” until the update begins!

If I import my old rules from v581 the bugs solved in 586 will come back?
I mean… My old rules for v581 had very restrictive permissions for some applications (services.exe, svchost.exe, etc) allowing only what was needed and now (after update) they have an “global allow” for some intances (driver install, COM, etc.)


Congratulations with the new release. (:CLP)

Yesterday night already have an update notice then i update it (3.14)>>>> today afternoon have a notice again and update (back to 3.13 ???) >>>> finally tonight have an update notice again and i update it(3.14 again)…what’s wrong >:-D