COMODO Internet Security 3.13.121240.574 Released!

DB: 2983
Size: 108,834,461

THIS. What the hell, Comodo? It’s awful that you’d ignore such a problem.

Ehm… it took me half an hour to update initial sign ver :stuck_out_tongue:
Just curious, why got different size in that? FYI:

  • Before upd to ver 573, virus sign ver: 2983 (107,578 KB).
  • After update to ver 573, initial upd virus sign ver: 2973 (105,170 KB). Followed by restart required.
  • Second upd again virus sign ver: 2983 (106,256 KB).

So, with ver: 2983, we have 3 different size on the file ‘bases.cav’. It is suppose to be same right. Any idea? 88)

My reported size was in bytes, in kilobytes it’s 106,283 for DB 2983.

Kindly check my pm…


I’ve got 3 ;D

running…2983 - 108,804,303 bytes
repair…2983 - 107,739,325 bytes (copied after finish updating & stated on about page)
backup…2983 - 108,844,885 bytes (packed on 7z as for offline update on thumb-drive for home family/friends computers)


Make a topic in the appropriate board and ask for help there. and please do not use so many capitals as it comes across as yelling…

573 is looking good here after ~6h.
Updating was very slow due to d/l (about 30m with 4Mbit connection - maybe some starved server…).

Thank you dev’s. Good work. Well done!

The auto-update went smoothly this time as well and all is working fine so far.

Thanks to developers.

Unfortunately all modules belonging to AV were updated as well,…

… but at least it seems there were no download of unneeded 106MB and the bases.cav was left alone as it was after redundant update Nov. 18


How many megabytes comodo entire file after you install and update ? My 266Mb

Hi dzordzo

Please have a look at few previous posts regarding the size of the package installed

Say, Dch48 reported 272MB but he is using the whole Suite

I am using the Firewall only, but unfortunately the size is still

Properties/“size on disk” : 271 MB (284,393,472 bytes) :-TD
(plus add a bit for …\Documents and Settings.…\Application Data)

My regards

I don’t want to switch and hose my system with thouse couple of minutes of insecurity. I want it to work out of the box. Do your work comodo and fix this bug.


Stop freaking ignoring us, Comodo. Like your image couldn’t get any worse.

The other solution to get the games going is to take the time to see what ports need to be open and what IP / domians must be “trusted”. Can be a tedious process, but it offers the advantage of knowing exactly what goes where and does not expose the system to minutes of insecurity


As a fellow user I’m curious, why do you think such a tone is warranted… have you actually paid for support? I think not, and it is a lamentable attitude in internet in general that people always want but rarely give.

This program is free, may I remind you. I have been very happy with it and saved a bunch of money over commercial alternatives, so I am perfectly willing to wait my turn until resources are free to further the development. Nobody compels you to use this software and I dare you to find something equally usable for free.


What I find incomprehensible is that if someone is unhappy with whatever software they put on their computer, paid for or not, why don’t they go find something they like better. It’s not as though someone forced them to put it on their machine, and it’s not as though there aren’t plenty of choices out there. Makes no sense.

Very lovely upgrade my computer is loving it. Thanks to all who worked on it and a big thanks to the people that sent bug reports.

Strange. I don’t have this bug with my Source Games. I also use CIS in Safe Mode and when a Source Program asks for certain Access Rights, I chose ‘Trusted Application’ and it just works.

Normally if you set CIS to Training or Installation Mode, you are not really insecure. If you trust the Software like Steam Games, then it is not insecure at all.

Also, if you don’t want to use Training or Installation Mode then you can always add any Program manually.


I updated my CIS but now Eicar is not being detected.