COMODO Internet Security 3.13.121240.574 Released!

This does not seem to have been fixed, Egemen. Please refer to the thread where this bug had been reported to see what is being said regarding it.

Bravo Tim Comodo everything to recover from the 572 version before installing again hats off. So out of curiosity as MB. Your CIS is the update for a while because my present is now 266mb. Sorry but my English may not be too perfect.

Updated and running good. :slight_smile:

:-TU Didn’t modify anything this time.

thanks for the fast update :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU :-TU

THX For your help egemen.

After three attempts to update through “Automatic Update” since yesterday, I had to click “Check for Updates” and finally all of it went through. The first three times, the downloads stopped at 64%, 45%, and 85% respectively and they were very slow ( the 85% took almost one hour until it disconnected), on the other hand when I clicked “Check for Updates” in less than ten minutes I had CIS installed and running.

One silly question? Where is the file for those failed updates located? :-[

Otherwise CIS 3.13.xxxxxx.573 (Firewall & D+) is running smoothly. I even got back threatcast working again. :-TU

Thank you Comodo.

The only way to get those games working is to go into D+ and Firewall training modes and start the game and do everything you need to do to play. This includes connecting to servers for the multiplayer games like TF2. After playing the game for a few minutes, you can switch D+ and the Firewall back to your preferred setting (In my case Clean PC and Safe) and the game will play perfectly after that.

Indeed, welldone to the them! They take their work seriously…very very seriously actually!


I wondered where you were…

Good work Egemen & team for .573 I’m there now, Bring on V4! :-TU
Regards & Cheers
Xman 8)

Thanks Egemen, for the explanation in that thread, and wj32 has confirmed it. So it is fixed.

Also, to add, I happy with this new release, just like I am always with every release.

Well done Egemen and team!

I must say… detection rate has improved thanks to the new detection capabilities in AV engine. Tested against some new malware and the AV did well. So well done guys, keep it up… Look forward to CIS ver 4 in December.


I was notified that an update was ready to be downloaded and installed. Ran the download and install through the update manager and everything went smooth… 572 to 573 all is well!! :-TU :-TU

So out of curiosity, how many mb. Your CIS is to upgrade to 573 because mine has 266 mb.
Shout out to Tim Comodo line for new CIS :-TU :-TU :-TU

To all of you who have been asking…

If you are talking about the size of the installation directory, mine is about 175mb in size.

Mine is 272mb because of the bases.cav in Scanners and the other one in Repair that are both 103mb.

v.573 - No problems on Athlon64 (Orleans) ADA3800IAA4CW. (Didn’t try v.572)

Let me add my thanks to the vast majority who appreciate your product and your hard work.

When I leave this slum I’ll donate to COMODO :smiley:


Thank you!

;D Will be soon haa…? Why should i waste time for downloading/updating for this (572/573) 88)
Anyway thx to comodo team for great effort :-TU

Btw, could anyone tell me the latest (after update) the virus signature version & its size? Mine one is now on going man. Tq.