COMODO Internet Security 3.13.121240.574 Released!

Hi Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.13.121240.574. This is a bug fix release and addresses some of the known issues.

Whats New in 3.13.121240.574?

IMPROVED! AV engine now includes more advanced detection techniques
IMPROVED! Windows XP 64 registry protection has been hardened
FIXED! Defense+ does not handle object names properly while handling section names(Reported by our forum member wj32)
FIXED! Defense+ does not protect against registry key ACL modifications(Reported by our forum member wj32)

  • This release fixes a bug in build 572 that causes cmdagent.exe to crash under some circumstances. *
  • This release fixes another bug in build 573/572/560 that might cause BSOD in Windows 7 under certain circumstances *

Download Locations:

32 Bit:
Size: 39M ( 40599312 )
MD5: 93e05ca743c879215b057607ec26259a
SHA1: ce83e25821f2d188350161947b4a3dd4b6b35c27

64 Bit:
Size: 42M ( 43372304 )
MD5: 00edc7fb80afc409fc0b9c95aa72225e
SHA1: 6ac083d57da63cda61a6808c68b5d06a720307b4

If you have a previous version of CIS installed, you can use the automatic updater to update to this version.



If you observe inaccessible links or you are seeing no updates yet, please be patient. It takes some time for the links to be synchronized in all of our servers. It can take up to 30-45 minutes sometimes.



Downloading now.

Thanks for the very quick update\bug fix. Excellent work. :-TU

Installed on 2 computers for me and no problems.

That was quick! :slight_smile:

i went back to 3.12…i’ll give it a shot with this one…and report it later on

Downloading…just in case it needs clean install

What’s Up…eXP :a0

what’s wrong with t7rev02 threat…first it’s really sounds excellent…keep it up eXP dont let some arsehole hold u down just like COMODO

…we salute you :-TU

sorry… !ot!

DOWNLOADING on-going now…


Now it works ! Thank you very much. :-*

Download already done!

Great works",)

(V) (V) (V)
(V) (V) (V)
(V) (V) (V)

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Thanks for quick bug fix, well done comodo, comodo rocks!!!

From 572 to 573 everything went smooth. Again. :smiley:

Finally.Great!Thank you, Comodo. :comodorocks:

and only a couple of meg too :slight_smile:

Just wish it would finish its download :wink:


And again Source Engine based games are still black screen, Defense+ doesn’t popup.
Reported almost a year ago, can’t be so hard to fix!!!
And NO, I don’t want to run Learning Mode, I just want to be able to run it in “safe mode”!

ANY comments ?

I just installed and updated works great. Good job!

Just updated to the new release. Everything seems to be running OK. I’ll report back if I run into any anomolies! Good work Comodo Team! Hats off to Egemen and Yaoh for researching the AMD processor bug!

Thanks for your cooperation Tim.

Installed few minutes ago and updated works great… Thanks! ;D

Glad to help out. I just want Comodo to be number 1! Anything anyone can do to help improve the software helps to keep the load off the devs and also helps them improve their products! Basically, we’re all the Comodo Team! :wink: