COMODO Internet Security 3.13.119746.572 Released!

I was having trouble updating. some times I got an error that I had no internet connection once I got a notice that the conection was closed durring the update. I tried a couple of things but what worked was right clicking my Wireless network connection tray icon and then Repair. Now I am downloading the update with COMODO Internet Security - Updater at about 400 KB/s.
Hope this helps those having update connection problems.

Update: Update completed successful Thanks COMODO team.

I updated through the internal updater. After rebooting, my system froze. I rebooted (with the reset button) a few times to no avail. I uninstalled CIS through Safe Mode, rebooted and reinstalled 3.12.111745.560. I updated it to 3.13.119746.572 again and the system freeze returned. I uninstalled through Safe Mode again and downloaded the full installer for 3.13.119746.572. I did a clean install and I still get my system freeze! :cry:

I’m now back to 3.12.111745.560 and experiencing no problems. ???

WinXP Pro SP3 fully updated. No other security software.

I don’t and never did have the antivirus part installed so I don’t see why I should have to struggle with dial up to download av sigs just to update. And since I don’t have the av installed, I don’t see why cav files should be taking up a few hundred megs in my install folder. If someone chooses not to install the av, why force this on them during updates? Seems like pretty amateur programming to me and doesn’t inspire my confidence in dealing with the rest of the program.

Hint. If someone chooses not to install the av, that means they don’t want it, they don’t want to download updates for it and they don’t want to devote disk space to it.

Is there a way to add this to my old configuration, it’s annoying i have to change to the “new” proactive configuration, and have it learn all the different rules again.

Update went fine.

Just a suggestion, it would help if the update process would stop adding all the up-to-date Trusted Software Vendors, a scheduled scan to the AV, and two entries to the Exclusion list. :wink:

Seriously? ??? Comodo’s recent release record isn’t very good…

This release has some improvements made to the AV engine. Does anyone know if there is any change in the way automatic updates are handled? I’m really hoping this update fixes my system becoming unusable when updating the database.

No i don’t believe it has fixes for that, that fix is most likely coming with v4.

Were vendors added to the trusted list in this update? The list does look bigger and that’s a welcome thing. If any were added, did I get them by updating or do I need to do a clean install like one other time?

Seems like the updater is also updating the trusted venders list this time.

I 2nd that when it’s not the AV it’s the suite itself, I remember the last ■■■■ out with the suite was here

If that’s so, that’s great. I’d like to see it come along with the virus DB updates on a regular basis


Seriously, even a temporary band-aid fix like lowering the process priority would be an improvement…

Yeah, it’s great if you don’t mind a lot of vendors you don’t trust getting added to your list…

AOL, yeah I trust them… 88)
2BrightSparks Pte Ltd and LogMeIn, Inc? Never even heard of them. But by all means, I certainly trust their software! Etc, Etc… :-TD

If they are known to be safe by the Internet community, they should be on the list whether we have ever used them or not.

why update is taking so long???
how much is the update size ?
please consider users with low speed internet connections :frowning:

Updated both Home XP SP3 at home full CIS VDB at 2970 through the updater & Office comp XP Professional SP3 CIS Firewall only on this one through the updater both comps running perfectly!
Good stuff :-TU :-TU
Xman ;D 8)

This isn’t the first time. The last couple updates also bloated my list. I have to keep cleaning it out.


There should be no need to clean anything out. More needs to be added.

Just updated CIS from V3.12 to V3.13 and had no problems!!! It took 22 minutes from start to finish including the re-boot and the updating of the virus signiture DB to 2970.

Great Work!
Now let see how she performs…

windows XP SP3

Ditto, first it started with, we want less pop ups, now its we dont want programs to be trusted.

Trusted Vendors why sweat it .FaZ if you don’t use any software from 7/10th of those listed? :smiley:
Xman 8)