COMODO Internet Security 3.13.119746.572 Released!

Hi Everyone,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.13.119746.572. This is a bug fix release and addresses some of the known issues.

Whats New in 3.13.119746.572?
IMPROVED! AV engine now includes more advanced detection techniques
IMPROVED! Windows XP 64 registry protection has been hardened
FIXED! Defense+ does not handle object names properly while handling section names(Reported by our forum member wj32)
FIXED! Defense+ does not protect against registry key ACL modifications(Reported by our forum member wj32)

Download Locations:

32 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 39M ( 40591976 )
MD5: 81f60ec6f8f0f6e8fcfb59f253e9f442
SHA1: ed1c82482a168ab11fcd13a8412d9e69e79acc94

64 Bit Operating Systems:
Size: 42M ( 43367696 )
MD5: 6a3a1ec67f5264c1693339627c0f2c6e
SHA1: a7c16ae30d1bf1583d9b22b91a74ac439ce2b6b2

If you have a previous version of CIS installed, you can use the automatic updater to update to this version.


Cheers, but don’t You see that- >>>>;msg342528#msg342528 ?

Please post your operating system details, other software installed and exact steps for us to understand what is going on.

Heh, this is mission impossible for me.Operation system: Windows 7 x 86 OEM version.
Software: There was a lot of software, but now everything’s gone. :-
It’s easy to say ‘‘post details’’.I’m little angry now and don’t want to post any details, more than that.Have a nice evening.

Great, it’s getting better and better.

I have one question, you wrote:
Your current versions will automatically update themselves to the latest version. If you have any questions/problems, please post them to this thread.

I got a pop-up that I had to click on it to update, thats not automatic or are my settings wrong?

If you can provide any memory dumps you might have, those would help us a lot.


Your settings are correct. Let me correct what i wrote. You are expected to see a popup.

Are there any new Defence+ default settings changed from the previous (3.12) version?

You definitely didn’ t read my post in the other thread.

Running Win7, x32, Enterprise RTM without any issues.

Hi Guys,

There is one minor problem with the updates so we need to suspend them temporarily . If you have already updated successfully, you can continue using your copies. If you havent updated, please wait for us to resume them.

We will be resuming them soon.

Sorry for the inconvenicence,

I just want to tell you my experience with the latest release.

I run Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit,I have Auto updates turned off,
Did a manual update,& rebooted, everything is working no problem for me.Also checked the Comodo Diagnostics,said No problems with this installation.

I choose to only install the firewall ,not the AV or Defense + etc.
I use a Router as a Hardware Firewall, so I only need it to block outgoing traffic.I prefer Comodo to the Windows built in Firewall as I have more control.

The only other security product I use on my system is the new Free
Windows Security Essentials 64 Bit,I have had no conflicts or problems
just to let the Comodo team know.Thank you for a great product.

I run Windows Xp Pro Sp3 32 Bit as well & will be installing this update shortly,will let you know If I have any problems there.

With UAC turned up FULL (Always Notify) DEP on for All Programs & Services & Firefox with No Script, thats all the security I need for Windows 7.

Just did a Manual update on Win Xp, no problems.

Great, I’ve just updated my copy of CIS to version 3.13.119746.572. What was the real reason of pulling off the update? Will be there a hotfix release or what?

Are there download links for a clean install?

After update some problem here too.

If I make a total disk virus scan request with CAVS, the cmdagent.exe file miss from taskmanager and scan windows hang without start the scan!!

Only when I start diagnostic tool cmdagent.exe file is restored, asking for a S.O. restart!!

CIS is installed on AMD 64 100mhz machine, 1500 Mb RAM, XPpro SP3 and Avast, browser Firefox.

There is one major problem.

This has hapenned time and time again, and again, and again, and again…
I stoped believing in V4.

Care elaborating what problem that actually is ?


When checking for updates it states update available then during the update I get:

Error 106:Update could not be completed. Not able to connect to Internet, please check your Internet connection settings.

This happens on XP and Vista. It had to use the internet to check for updates. Do I need to set something else for this to work? No problems updating in the past. I am using 3.12.111745.560. The Virus database updated about 10 minutes ago. I tried again and got the same error at about 95% completion instead of at the start as above. Any suggestions?

Although my update went Ok.I am concerned that again that there was another faux pas.
Come on Comodo you really must get your act together before there is a real blunder.

Hi Guys,

The updates are resumed. You should be able to update tot he latest version soon.