Comodo Internet Security - 3.10.102363.531 Screen Freeze

  • FIXED! Firewall sometimes causes the PC to freeze in windows XP 32. Not Genuine and still freeze when you right click on the task bar icon of Comodo shield and get a screen freeze.

I think this bug is not from CIS but is related to conflicting software installed on your computer.
When you right-click a file then a menu appears with shortcuts to software that can run that file or that can give you information about the file.
Usually the software programs use explorer to access the file that you do right-click on and then if u have installed two different software that can run that file or get info on it then the two software might have conflicts between them so then u receive “THAT SCREEN FREEZING ERROR”

I’ve had this error when I right-clicked on video files but I’ve fixed it by unninstalling different codecs installed on my pc and then installing just one codecs pack software.

Then I had a problem when I was right-clicking on executable files (.exe), my computer was freezing with the “windows explorer has encountered an error and needs to close” message and then with “Dr. Watson Postmortem debugger has encountered an error and needs to close” and then I had to restart my pc because this error also manifested itself like a quick restart or windows explorer but it was not loading all my programs that were active in my taskbar.
So I was not able to right-click any executable file for scanning or any other operation.

I even had problems when I first installed CIS but this is how I solved my problem:

U might have conflicting software, something about "shell integration or shell extension" don't know the whole mombo-jombo to explain to u as I'm not a computer geek, I had similar simptomes with a security software once (was hungin' and crashin') and I was advised by a friend who in fact is a computer geek to do the following:

download latest version of ShellExView (freeware software) and install it and it will show u all the software on your system that are “shell integrated or shell extensions”

u will notice many columns and one of them is named “Company” and it tells u which company is the software from

all the software that are not from microsoft except Comodo software must be selected by pointing right-click on it and select Disable or multiple using Ctrl

close the ShellExView software and reboot (can’t remember if u must reboot but do it anyway)

try using Comodo scan now and see if it still hungs or crashes !!!

             This is how I got my problem solved, I use win xp sp3.

Sorry if this post doesn’t make sense or for the ■■■■■■ edit, I’M DEAD TIRED, must go to bed but I will come back soon !!!

I hope this will work for you too !

Actually the quoted post is also the cure for the “windows explorer crash” and “dr.watson crash” from the DEP (data execution prevention) system implemented in windows.

I’ve also had this problem too since my processor is DEP compatible. I couldn’t use CIS software because the DEP was constantly closing CIS because it said it didn’t use the memory correctly.

This problem with DEP closing explorer and certain software that use it is very wide spread and not many people know what to do against it, they always blame windows os or some inexistent virus, I’ve read about it on many forums and no one could come up with a solution, lucky me I have a friend that know almost everything about computers.