COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102363.531 Released

I get the feelling i saved my self truble by doing a clean install.

I would say at least 30 more venders have been added.

Yeah I think I’m gonna do a clean install myself. Why have an updater if it doesn’t work right? I’m also seeing that scheduled scans have been reset and the scan profiles I had added are gone. Another thing, the bases.cav file in repair is the exact same 93mb file as in the scanners folder.

I would have to recommend that everyone do a clean install, the updater seems to be pretty bad.

It’s about time Comodo got it right.
All settings forgotton and a pop up every time i open a program
Come on Comodo

head smack

I thought i should do this, so we can compair the size of the DB of 3.9 vs 3.10

Latest Database Version: 1538
Release Date (all times GMT): 2-Jul-2009 03:15:26
Number of Definitions Added Today: 2357
Total Definitions: 5498384

Size: 98,702,040 bytes

Now its 99,320,639 bytes so we know the Generic Sigs are there but the size is still huge. :-TD

Thanks for the new version!

The updater should warn 'though that all settings get lost.

I am going to update my 2 personal computers tonight but hold off on my 4 other family computers until I can make sure everything sits well in place (reading comments on fresh installs versus the update and such).

Will this new DNS service ever develope into something along the lines of OpenDNS with added filtering protection in the future?

Clean install seems to work fine. I always delete the Russian aand Chinese help files + Translations folder. But now if I do that CIS will show that there are updates available and download those files back. Can you please fix this ? 88)

Malware database is too huge!!!
It’s like 10 minutes downloading on my connection. Can’t it be smaller?

And oh oh, On my clean install machine the Bases.cav file is 99,320,639 bytes On My Virtual Machine that i did a update the Bases.cav file 98,702,040 bytes. :-TD

Guys get the updater working right!

All databases updated!

High DPC latency issue related to the firewall driver over long extended periods of time has been fixed?

Please! It killed all my settings! :frowning:

It killed also all my settings. And what is even worse: My firewall was set back to “Safe Mode” instead keeping “Custom Policy Mode” without any notice.

Bad update. Will do a clean install.

After the 1st reboot after the update I was a few minutes away. It froze my PC completely. There was a “Found new network” Box and a (timed out) Defense+ box that waited for user input.

Melih has said that if there are no major bugs that need emergency fixing in this version, they won’t introduce any more functionality and will focus on v4.

[Subject to Change] :wink:

I was curious about all the chatter about lost settings. I decided to give it a try (I could always do a clean install if necessary). I just updated through the updater and everything went smoothly. All my settings were retained. No problems encountered. I ran a “My Computer” scan (which only took 14 minutes). It’s nice to see the Excluder working better. I still would like to be able to exclude my CD/DVD drives, but I can live with it.

:-TU Good job guys!

My settings where also retained as i wrote before, just a small question what profile are you using ?
I’m not on the default and/or standard profile, i have a “special” profile that i used with “Import As”…

lost all my settings as well, and everything was a bit ■■■■■■■ too after the update, trusted zone detected and lost, password, once created, required every time for any setting like it was before in older versions…going thru a clean install now…

The update process always drops. Error 106.

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I’m running XP and my install of 3.9 was a fresh install and it is “firewall only”. 3.10 was done as update.
What do the others have that lost their settings?

Yes its a free service.


Ahh, that may be it! I have a custom setup as well. When first installing CIS, I export the “Internet Security” profile (without any changes). I rename the exported profile and reimport it. I then modify the settings to my liking. This way I retain a “virgin” Internet Security profile I can switch to if so desired.