COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102363.531 Released

Hi Guys,

We have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.10.102363.531.

What’s New In 3.10.102363.531?

NEW! COMODO Secure DNS is introduced as a new free service
NEW! COMODO HopSurf Toolbar - COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar has been discontinued and superseded by COMODO HopSurf Toolbar
NEW! CIS now allows the users to change the URL for the program and virus updates
IMPROVED! CIS now has a better support for Windows Security Center integration in Windows Vista SP1 and later
IMPROVED! AV engine now supports more archives and has better detection capabilities
IMPROVED! Direct disk access false alerts have been reduced
FIXED! Some applications do not run when CIS is installed in Vista 64 bit
FIXED! Antivirus scans excluded folders
FIXED! Firewall does not show some connections under high load
FIXED! Firewall sometimes causes the PC to freeze in windows XP 32
FIXED! cfp.exe crashes when HIPS alerts timeout
3.10.102363.531 Changes
FIXED! DOS applications crash when CIS is installed
FIXED! SafeSurf is not uninstalled automatically with the update
FIXED! SpySweeper incompatibility

Download Locations

32 Bit
Size: 76M ( 79033104 )
MD5: a56d0c3fb8f8597fbf2de66792ad5025
SHA1: af03cf4e069f81b2b5ca313cc39f658b94285152

64 Bit
Size: 77M ( 79969552 )
MD5: bb89ba89bbca37af3aee5676f547a73e
SHA1: 94d297ab9151cb37c2c0dc107000cf2aed98ac95

Frequently Asked Questions

1 - Do I need to uninstall CIS 3.9 to install 3.10?
Your automatic updater will handle the update process for you. You dont need to uninstall 3.9.

2 - What is COMODO Secure DNS?
COMODO Secure DNS is a free DNS service offered by COMODO as an alternative to your ISPs DNS servers. During the installation, if you opt-in for this feature, the installer will automatically modify your adapters’ DNS server settings. COMODO Secure DNS servers are faster, more secure and smarter.

Please contact with your system adiministrator if your PC is in a corporate network or you use VPN connections in order to avoid connectivity issues.

More information can be found at Free Comodo Secure DNS | Best DNS Security Solution 2022

3 - What is COMODO HopSurf Toolbar?
COMODO HopSurf is a fully fledged community based web site rating and searching system( The toolbar brings these features and more to your browser for convenience.

4 - Do I still need COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar?
No. SafeSurf Toolbar is superseded by HopSurf toolbar. Security features from SafeSurf Toolbar are already integrated into CIS. You can safely uninstall COMODO SafeSurf Toolbar.

Note: AV updates for CIS 3.9 users have been frozen at V1538. In order to avail further updates, users must switch to CIS 3.10.

Edit: Links and version information have been updated.
Edit: Added Note to inform to switch to CIS 3.10 to avail further AV updates.

Download finished ;D
Let’s see what a fresh install looks like.


Great work guys!!! ;D

Last release of the v3 series!!! Goodluck on v4 CIS Team!


Excellent work guys…


Nice job Comodo…

Very Nice release.

Does it have generic/family signatures or not because I can’t see this in the release notes?


DL’ing now. Thanks guys. Great work. :slight_smile:

yes it has

“IMPROVED! AV engine now supports more archives and has better detection capabilities”

Great :). Thanks Melih

Can you state COMODO’s DN Servers (Primary & Secondary) for those of us who’s update did not offer or alter this element. Thanks.

I got a nice BSOD with “IRQ less then equal” or something. Attempting a clean reinstall :slight_smile:

Nice job COMODO :-TU

another great work by the team of comodo! Thank you very much … :-TU

Where are DNS servers located at?

DN Servers: Cancel that, I found them. They’re in the Help. :slight_smile:

Yay my bug is fixed!

But man the DB update is slow!!!

Oh and Melih will Comodo DNS stay free?

I am not a happy camper. I updated through the in program update and every one of my settings reset and all my rules are gone. The AV db file is also still the same size and did not update as far as I can tell.

WOW the My trusted Venders list has grown a ton

No further releases until 4.0?

I see no changes to it