COMODO Internet Security 2025 Premium

Hi Melih, how soon will we have the chance to play on it?

That is also called CAMAS/CIMA and Valkyrie

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Hi Melih,

I’m surprised we have not had a new topic on here and a link to download the new version when it can be obtained from the ’ Cloud Antivirus ’ page on the main site ?

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It’s a clone page. Fake CAV 2025…

I don’t think this has been done yet because the 2025 version has not officially been released yet.
I think that’s it. more here and it takes a long time to get answers about the new version of CIS

I don’t know if this is a fake page

Its live!!!


Download and installation went fine. Light on the system as always.

It’ll take time for me to play around with it but well done for finally getting the stable released :smiley:


I have the old version, I want to know if it will be updated automatically? as soon as I update my database.

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hi every one
a quick question
comodo FW isn’t free anymore ?

It’s still free to use.

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Still free. Just select the Firewall component only in the installer options.

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Could anyone answer me about this question?

I don’t think it will automatically update .8012 because of all of the recoding done and i expect the Beta won’t automatically update either but you can wait a week or so and see or one of the devs will chime in. Sometimes the best option is to fresh install, particularly with a full program version. .8012 came out years ago.

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correct. no automatic update yet.

First, we are only making it available for people to download the new one.
We haven’t enabled auto update yet.

First I ran ciscleanuptool_x64 Old v3.0.0.41.exe and then CisCleanupTool_x64_3.1.0.45.exe. Then a clean install.

Good morning guys, I need your help.
I installed the new version of CIS and as soon as I open Chrome the containment occurs.
What can I do to prevent this from happening?

I’m going to wait for the automatic update, because uninstalling and installing it will take a lot of work for several of my machines and those of my clients.
It’s very bad to have to configure everything on several machines.
I will be waiting for the automatic update, do you have any idea when this automatic update will be activated?

Can you gif me a link to download the latest working ciscleanuptool 32 and 64 bit for CIS
Is the team working on the update of ciscleanuptool to be used before installing CIS 2025 ?
Thank you.

@Melih you can find out how your product did

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