Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

When uninstalling a kernel mode driver there is always a reboot necessary: they will get uninstalled after the reboot and before the Windows session opens.

Other uninstallers and cleanup tools will say nothing other than a progress indicator, if, and then simply instruct the user to reboot but CIS cleanup tool is more talkative which may confuse users. It would make sense to make the CIS cleanup tool less verbose and provide an optional verbose mode for advanced users.

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That is a good idea! noted and put on the roadmap.
CS-49728: CIS Remoal Tool Basic Mode and Advanced (Verbose) Mode

We will inform about ETA soon. Thank you for the great feedback!


All this should be done very cleanly by Comodo Cleaner

You’re absolutely right and boy does it make this community look ugly.

It is what it is. :person_shrugging:

Not the theme here - nevertheless:

At first I didn’t like the new look either, but now it doesn’t cause me any problems anymore.

However, as I wrote, CIS refused to install Beta 1 because there were still leftovers. Only after manually deleting leftovers with ccleaner in the registry and with revo was I able to install Beta 1. I used the comodo uninstaller. As written, I first deleted it in safe mode to avoid loading CIS, so that everything necessary could be deleted first with the uninstaller. And it worked that way. Approach of a layperson.

You guys are rocking :fire: :fire: :fire: @ilgaz @elif.bengi @Umut good job guys

Hello again,

Excuse me … I have a doubt … Shouldn’t I have two Recognizer here?

Recognizer + recognizerCryptolocker?

Where did I misunderstand?

What should I have in the “task manager”?

(It seems a little empty to me …)

Yes. There are two items.

Try to update CIS from General Tasks.

Thank you Redstraw and Prodex for your answers.

Alas, as you can see, the update does nothing.

Reinstallation Idem.

On the one hand, I tell myself that I will return to the old CIS (no beta), on the other I tell myself that all the errors that I meet can only help the devs so that the final version is Deprived. :innocent:

But … given the time I spend there, at $ 80 of the minimum hour … There would be plenty of giving me all the Comodo licensees for life … :grinning:

It’s pretty cronophagus … :anguished:

Also, I find that in “factory proactive” mode, this is a little exaggerated to systematically block all the actions of the system itself with the firewall.

I unlock and it comes back every 10 minutes every time …

Even when I choose “unlock for all safety components”

It’s quite wearing …

Strongly the beta 4 …

I realize that it is my Amazon Air Quality Analyzer which is making an ARP connection from itself to itself.

If I’m not mistaken, there is also no possibility of making a rule in the firewall concerning the ARP protocol.

I found IMCP, UDP, TCP and the rest, but not ARP…

I have enabled everything for this IP on the local network, but it continues.

I regret that and the fact that in the blocked applications alert, nothing in the alerts in the “System” line of my previous message allows you to guess that this is linked to a specific firewall alert.

The alerts should have a reference and be more indicative in the “Blocked applications” section

Why force us to waltz between the two parts of CIS and do the job ourselves. 10 lines of code to report important information from the Firewall to the “Blocked applications” side and that’s it!


The next update will also have to wait 2 months)))

Thank you Domo78 for taking the time to answer me.

Yes, I know about this option regarding ARP.

I would like to ban ARP globally. but only create a rule just for the Amazon quality analyzer, allowing ARP only on its IP.

And that, I don’t think is really possible…

This is normal, there is a lot of work to be done

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