Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6882 – Released

is that my imagination or nobody from comodo is looking at this forum?

It is your laziness getting in the way of reading and observing. Apparently you are, again, only here to troll.

troll? are you crazy?

i use comodo products from the begining of the company, recomends it to everyone, keep using it and so… and now that the product is not working and all i see are updates that do not fix the important bugs, you say im a troll?

… read my mind, m’right?

Yes with this you are.

Yes I know exactly how long you have been around.

yes. big fan of comodo products but today is going down my enthusiasm with its products exacly because of the lack of informations, updates, bug fixes and so on.

Im not sure if You really pay attention to it: … read my mind, m’right?

try again, but harder, or atleast stop the troll thing. In fact You two are being trolls in this very forum with this kind of behaviour and language. I guess that You two are moderators, right? so… there is really something wrong going on here. moderator attacking users is a great way to go to keep its userbase. nicely done Mellih. well, is there an Mellih anymore?

As the French say c’est le ton qui fait la musique. The tone and delivery of the message are the problem.

Are you sure you want to go this way with us? I would think twice. You know the rules and within the rules there is room for concern, crticism etc but starting a fight will not fly well.

well, is there an Mellih anymore?

Melih has shifted his attention to Itarian after many years where he was more involved with the Comodo forums. He told us behind the scenes he still keeps a vigilant eye on the development of CIS.

Hello everyone
I am French and I like Comodo for a long time, it has a phylosophy of protection that I do not find elsewhere
I think that Comodo is aimed at a family of users who likes networks by protecting them totally thanks to the available functions (AV / Firewall / Sandbox / etc …)
For my part I do not have any particular operating problems on all my Windows 10 Pro x64 Build 1903 / CIS
I always proceed with a “clean” installation at each release of version after exporting the configuration parameters
I wish you all the same result
A happy user via CIS
Let’s stay cool …
By the way, thanks to MELIH and the whole team :slight_smile:

so now an moderator is threatening me?

and I am the troll, right?

I think You should think twice as You started the problem here. Maybe my words are not the best as English is not my primary language, but I didnt insulte anyone here. I just exposed facts like the cis updates that are not so important for everyone and the bugs we keep mentioning continue to be best friend with cis in any cycle relese. I dint threat anyone too and You, as an moderator, used this tone and behavior to do just that.

Dont forget that Im a user, I make the things goes one so the product continues to grown. Me and every other users in here and outside this forum. threatening a user is not the smart move to anybody in this world. Pay attention to my complains on the start and stay in your position as an moderator, not an dictator as You are nothing like that, I expect atleast. Or does comodo started to be this kind of company?

… at the end of the day, so much trouble for what? for nothing…

wait… is this from Melih too ?

edit.: is this like ? if so, good to know this site. didnt know it exists… and its free… o.O

Why would I want to do that

No, just a promise


I would though I made it plain with my PM’s when you joined, one return is all you get.

a promise, right?

what pm? i dont have any in my box in this forum.

Same here. I clean install every new version of Windows 10 and then clean install the latest current version of CIS. I’ve never had an issue with CIS - and I’ve been using it for a long time too.

I can’t help but wonder whether those few who report problems or who complain about CIS not working properly are upgrading Windows 10 in place (via Windows Update)? I really have lost count of the number of people who I’ve helped with stupid problems and niggly issues caused by the Windrows update-in-place process. Never EVER let Windows Update upgrade Windows to a new version. Download the latest version to a USB stick, boot that USB stick and clean install from there…

Behave or be banned, the same as all other members who have been banned before. Yes, there are quite a few.

[quote author=Dennis2 link=action=profile;u=23661 date=1453327621]

i suggest using COS together with CIS for better web protection while browsing. I noticed that COS is much improved in detecting phishing and malicious sites.

Moreover it is periodically updated even if in this forum in the section dedicated to COS oramani nobody answers anymore.

So COS + CIS (or CAV) for greater protection. :wink:

Ho scoperto ora che tutti i prodotti COMODO sono diventati a pagamento(CIS, CF e CAV), solo CCAV è gratuito ma è stato abbandonato da COMODO.

Dal sito web è tutto a pagamento… :frowning: :o

I already created a topic for this subject. In there you can find the Links and steps for Downloading the Free versions from main website, thanks to Cruelsister and others.

I believe it was a mistake from some Comodo employee since the “Free Download” option is missing in some pages (Comodo Antivirus page), while still available at other pages (Comodo Firewall, CIS)?

I merged your topic with CIS becoming paid?.

Also we do not allow to crosspost to advertize other topics you made. And please post in English in the international part of the forum.

[quote author=Dennis2 link=topic=124707.msg891440#msg891440 date=1567838903]
Behave or be banned, the same as all other members who have been banned before. Yes, there are quite a few.

your 3rd quote is blank. cant find any pm in my inbox in this forum.


im in the process of formating my pc and do a clean install of win 10 1903 pro x64 and then ill try latest cis… lets see what happens…

Sorry! :wink: :-TU