Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6870 – Released

Hi all,
I have a question
how long will Comodo develop its products under Windows 7?

Certainly necessary - new PC, not connected, only W7 F/W, don’t want to go on line until CFW is installed!

if im correct, this version is still not fully compatible with windows 10 1903, right?

wth guys? … grrr…

why i have error “file not found”? i can’t downolad :frowning:

I don’t know Comodo’s official stance on this but when looking at how long Comodo has been supporting Windows XP and Vista I would expect CIS will be supported after Windows 7 SP1 extended support, next year, has ended. I would not worry about it too much.

Please mind your attitude. Your continuous disgruntledness and lazy memory are unneeded and uncalled for.

I have told you this build would only have limited fixes and you would have to wait for builds to come. This is the conversation we had only 8 days ago:

As Shane stated in the above:

Grazie! :wink:

since i am on vista i will not take advantage of this scheduled fix, its right?

Switch to Windows 10! :wink:

this means “buy another monitor, scanner, printer, dvd external reader and much more …” :wink:

Hello Shane,
for the next releases I also suggest checking and fixing this bug: sometimes the files recognized as malware in real time (not during scanning) remain on the PC in 0Kb and only with the refresh disappear from the PC, obviously if I try to open them it is returned an error. So sometimes there is a trace of the quarantined file during real time protection.

Thank you! :wink:

How long till the auto update comes through?

Comodo online installer does not install Internet Security Essential.

If you’ve uninstalled CSE previously, it won’t reinstall with the installer but you can manually download it or it’ll be in your /program data/comodo installer folder.


Please help !
I can’t download Cis, because have error 404 not found. How i can resolve problem ??

We’re you Beta testing the Release Candidate or Beta version before released? You’ll need to removed the beta IP Addresses from your hosts file. Thar might be the cause of the error.

Also, try doing a fresh download from the main site and see if that helps.


sooooooo when we can expect this to appear on CIS updates? Not wanna resort to clean install since then I’d have to export and import allowed file list

A small but frustrating glitch - the Comodo system tray icon disappearing for a fraction of a second (with a variable interval of 30 seconds to a few minutes). The issue not only has an aesthetic dimension, but also, at the time of simultaneous user interaction, disrupts the selection of other icons due to their temporary displacement.

I attached an animated gif illustrating the issue.

Win7 SP1 x64, CIS


This weekend have did the big jump to update WIN 10 1703 & CIS 11 to WIN 10 1903 & CIS 12 and everything seems to work as expected and smoothly.

The only thing is this annoying bug with HIPS module and the Win 32x applications, but I hope that the Comodo guys will fix is as soon as they can.

BTW: Great job Comodo! :-TU

But the files not recognized and sent within how much time are analyzed and then made safe or infected?
I always see the same number of unrecognized files for days …

Thank you!