COMODO Internet Security 2013 v 6.0.260739.2674 greatly slow down my internet

I have been using comodo firewall for several months now and everything works fine, but today I installed an update for Comodo to the latest version (v 6.0.260739.2674) and then all the sudden Comodo firewall seems to interfere with my internet connection My internet connection is either very slow or not working at all. So I decided to uninstall comodo and my internet is working fine now.

I really like and want to keep comodo firewall, unfortunate it interferes with my internet connection. What seem to be the problem? Is there anyway to fix this?

thank you for all your time.

anyone? (:SAD)

Hi Real_Account,
Some form of corruption may have occurred during the update process.
I would consider trying a fresh clean re-install with the latest version.

Turn off- Filter Loopback Traffic (e.g., ::1) under firewall settings.

This worked for my friend, when this option was ticked his internet would drop or act funny.

Were you using SecureDNS?

You could customize the installer so SecureDNS isn’t used to see if that makes any difference. (It may, depending on your location)

What firewall settings are you using with this workaround? I have also seen a loaded system that have a lot of loopback traffic.