Comodo Internet Security made the PC frozen

In installed CIS downloaded from the webiste because my installed version was not installing additional package like KillSwitch - The Main Interface | Comodo Cleaning Essentials V.11.0 | The Security Products KillSwitch, etc.

After the PC turns on after some minutes i cannot move the mouse or use Keyboard. This happen different times since i installed this version of CIS
Never had this issue with the previous Comodo version used since yesterday but now i cannot remember what version was.

The last stable version that can be downloaded from cause PC issue to me. Frozen when the PC is turned on.

Also every time i install different Comodo setup I loose settings like password protection and all Comodo preferences.

CIS version should contain the fix for system freezing. Unless you perform an uninstall, your settings are still saved but are not activated until you go to the configuration setting and activate it.

Thanks i will try…