Comodo Installation

Ok , i want a good install now.

I have read this;msg547633#msg547633

And this

If i uncheck the alert reduction setting in the installation , and set the Comodo Internet Security at proactive and enable ipv6 filtering and arp cache protection and arp gratious block , and the anti encryption malware setting , i am good , or anything else ?

So i did not change anything , it would allow outbound connection , that is not safe right , i mean it is the same as Windows Firewall then am i right ?

And why is Comodo Internet Security not at proactive at default ?

And if i just let everything at default , am i then just not safe ?
And do i have the same outbound protection as Windows Firewall then ?

Oh yea , and if i change the antivirus from statefull to on acces , what will change ?

And it is more safer if i do that , or is it the same ?

And ,

In that guide i see this ,

‘’ For good security in most contexts
Say no to the alert reduction installation option, if offered (it may not be offered when updating). Delete the new outgoing ‘all applications’ rule. Set the AV alert suppression rule to ‘quarantine’ ‘’

If i say no to the alert reduction in installation , do i have to do anything else ?
Where can i find that ‘’ all applications rule ‘’